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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Who said I can't turn back time

Winter time starts on today! I had my clock turned backwards one hour. I know this is silly, but every time it feels that I get one hour for free. People work hard to have more time for themselves or something else, 20 minutes or half an hour would be great, but usually that's almost impossible. Time feels little. Now I get an extra hour, what did I do then?

Ehh... let's see. I think the first thing after waking up this morning, was sitting at the table for 20 minutes and browsing a magazine. When I realized that the time just changed at night, I felt like a winner so continued browsing the magazine and local papers. I stood up, looked out the window, then did my morning routine in bathroom.

Oh there it goes, 60 minutes I got for free. BTW, Happy Halloween everyone!


  • My inner clock has turned upside down... This is really annoying. I stay up really late and sleep till noon. I have the whole week off before school begins again, and I have to train myself back to the routine.

    Last week was holiday and this week isn´t really "off". We´re supposed to work on our diploma work. But since my friend, Annie, is very busy with her work *which has nothing to do with school* we can´t continue. It´s irritating, everything goes by her schedules... And the file we´re making for the women who work in home care has to be ready SOON. It´s like I have to push her into everything we do. UgH! Hope yours is going better now :)

    By Blogger Dragonfly, at 1:06 PM GMT+2  

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