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Saturday, October 01, 2005

What I've be reading

In the first years after I came to this area, I had headache finding English books and publications for my pastime. After I read some old English literature that I'd read earlier, I wished to find some thing more comteporary and modern. Then I had no time to search for own interest because school-related reading took up much time. Most importantly Internet was taking over without my notice and unevitably it became a habit.

I am not into detective and suspence novels, never ever. I had couple of John Grisham , but never was eager enough to finish them. I can say I am not much a English reader after all. During the time I paused my English blogging, I actually went to the libraries to read. There's almost nothing for me to read except regular Newsweek, sometimes Time and Economist. I read them anyway, paying no mind to the fact I have limited interest in pure news periodicals. I figured I am lacking of English reading, and that excluded glancing or browsing. English collection that stored in city library is old and very small. I searched anyway, hoping to find some old but worthy masterpiece. I couldn't help my excitement when I found Complete Prose of Woody Allen. The humour, wits, use of words and phrases are very enjoyable, although sometimes I feel the comedy side of the writings is a little too much for me. Maybe it's just me or the purpose of the writer.

I borrowed Carson McCullers' "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" and "Reflection in a Golden Eye", latter of which is made to a movie. I probably don't have the heart for this Southern stories, but I'd give it a go. Bless...


  • Wow ! you are back with a bang !

    The local library of Hameenlinna has two sections of English books. Funny that you should mention John Grisham, I am fond of his books and there is only one book left to complete the collection. Though I don't think the library here as all of his 17 books :)

    But they don't have periodicals or magazines in English :(

    By Blogger greensatya, at 2:08 PM GMT+3  

  • I know John Grisham is actually pretty good. Friends buy and finish reading every book soon after it came to the store. I am not an english reader that's all. :D

    By Blogger sideeyes, at 2:41 PM GMT+3  

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