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Saturday, October 29, 2005

This time of the year

I seem to have always bad luck around this time of the year. I'm having a bad cold. On last Saturday morning it felt a cold was coming. Yet I didin't wear enough clothes when I went on the trip to Rovaniemi. The result is I was freezing for the whole day. Except constant headache, throatache and lack of appetite, things didn't get any worse until Thursday. Yesterday was dreadful. I fell down from the bike on the way to an interview. I was all wet and when I was sitting with the interviewer, I couldn't form a one good sentence in Finnish. Head was explording and the voice sounds having severe cold. Even it's just a part-time cleaner job, I was disappointed at...... something.

As remembered, about this time of 2004 and 2002 I was struggling with the cold for at least weeks.

I lied in the interview by the way. I felt I had to. She said they're looking for a worker that wants to want for a rather long period, not that kind of employee that once finds a job in own area/study field will quit here, let's say after 2 or 3 months. I replied so -- I want to work for a longer time; it's better for the company as well as for myself; I have no plans to move to somewhere else. I lied them all. In fact I am searching for work in own field; I am not a good cleaner because I never worked as a cleaner; and I can't wait to move to somewhere else for whatever reason.

My career building is so miserable. Twists, turns, maybes, no-chance, timing, locations...... Thanks god improved Finnish helped me get some intention and into some interviews. Should feel encouraging and self-confident than ever before, but I don't. Let me blame the cold and autumn-winter weather for the pessimistic attitude. That's making thing much easier.

And then I'll send some open applications to gain some power, motives and new hopes.


  • When our landlord and his wife were looking for tenants they said they were looking for someone who was going to stay more than just a few years. Yeah yeah, I said. We´re not going to move very soon. Obviously they didn´t think it thru because as a student I can never know where life takes me/us. We´ve lived here for two years now and planning on moving in about a year... A big maybe tho.

    I hope you get well soon!

    By Blogger Dragonfly, at 5:39 PM GMT+3  

  • What you said is so true, dragonfly. People at different end of stake obviously have different perspectives. Changing apartments, moving to another town...these things just happen. Should keep options open

    I am getting better, I think. :D

    By Blogger sideeyes, at 12:34 PM GMT+2  

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