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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ongoing process

Thesis project takes up pretty much all my weedays for last two or three weeks. The project I was in has got into an odd state. There is nothing wrong with it. It's just its aim and the goal of my thesis have "compatibility" issues. Obviously they don't see what I am seeing and they pay little attention on site and page design issues. It's understandable since these aren't their areas. I did my best in telling the project team what I have been doing and thinking, what I am doing and what to present on next project meeting.

The design is gradually coming together. Although a short javascript code is all I plan to have in my page, it takes time if you want to take screen resolutions and multi browsers issues into account. I have IE, Firefox and Opera installed so that I can test the pages in at least these three browsers. IE gives me headache! As you know, it's not secure, it's slow. In one word-worse than many other less dominant products. After playing a bit with style sheet CSS, I more than realized that IE doesn't follow the web standards. That means you need to write fix only for IE to tackle the bug. Of course all programs have bugs, but browsers are what I am concerned now.

So yeah, my life is plain and simple. Now I need to start the writing part. Tutor insists that everyone should follow strict structure when writing thesis report. I am not gonna write a book about how I make a site even though he implied that I feel free to write 70 pages. Give a break, I am gonna be brief and bright in my writing.


  • You are write about thesis report being concise,brevity is equally effective.

    Coming to the IE, opera and Firefox, it is admirable that you can work with all of them. I can't work with anything else than IE, once I installed the free firefox but found it complex and un-installed it very next minute. You are a geek !

    By Blogger greensatya, at 5:26 PM GMT+3  

  • Thanks for saying that. I am just doing my work, definately not a programmer :)

    By Blogger sideeyes, at 12:04 PM GMT+3  

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