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Monday, October 10, 2005

Movies I have watched and haven't faded yet

  • Crash. I watched it not so long ago and almost mention it to everyone I met. I simply like the film very much. Million Dollor Baby surely earned the director, Paul Haggis lots of credit in screenplay. It's his first movie, which shows again his telent in story telling. The movie is about races in L.A. There are many characters with different backgrounds and personalities. With few scenes and dialogues, audience was able to catch the outline of each character. But yet people are not painted black & white, racist or non-racist. Their actions have reasons, motive, and they act probably just themselves or little out of ordinary. Second half of the movie is pretty much heated up -- confrontations, conflicts and tragedies one after another. Maybe not suitable for evening(I did watch it at night though) since the topic may be too heavy. People say the movie is not profound enough to display the real issue, but I think the film is technically well-made and mind-taking in some level; definately worth watching.

  • The Jacket. Had it for a long time, but for some reason just watched few days ago. It was different and hard to watch in terms of plot. After having watched number of this sort of movie which presents a fragmented life, e.g. "Momento", "The Butterfly Effect", I thought it'd be easy to follow. I was wrong. There are many twists and turns till very end of the film, and the great performance makes it catching. According to many others, the movie was marketed as thriller or horror. I didn't recall the marketing period in Finland, but imo it doesn't fit into normal Holleywood movie categories. Probably it's one reason the movie didn't achieve a bigger success.The story is about time-space; about how a person that suffers from war and mental illness in outsiders' eyes, see the world differently and freely.


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