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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Job training

I went to a job training in Rovaniemi on last Sat. I arrived late but didn't feel too embrased about it. I was sure I was the only one who lives out of town. To my surprise the training was in English and then I realized majority of the trainees were foreigners, foreign students to be exact. We all applied "matkaopas"(travel guide) for the Christmas season. It didn't take me long to realize most of them know each other from school, probably fromt the same class.

During the first break, I didn't feel like socializing. I almost forgot as a travel guide, taking initiative is very important in communicating with customers and solving problems. It is strange isn't it? I used to be active and energetic among foreigners 'cause myself is one. Well attitude changes I guess.

Things changed when someone approached me with "We've got snow again!" We started talking...Oh yeah it was snowing a lot on Sat in Rovaniemi. I dragged my exhaused body out of the train, and at the very same moment I couldn't help myself but "wow" when seeing it's snowing nicely and the groud was already covered with soft fresh white layer. It was beautiful. I told almost everyone I don't mind the dark autumn; I don't even care when the first snow comes or if it'll melt after few hours. I don't know what it is, but I was amazed at the scene, probably because I was on a trip expecting something great or maybe it's a town I am not familiar with.

I felt I was in an international students' gathering of some sort. Everybody was highly motivated and treated the training seriously like a school assignment. When I was on the bus back home, I didn't any more know if I really wanted this job or why I applied for it or why I signed the contract with them. I might pay more (travel expences and accomodation, etc.)than what I can earn. However, it was nice to meet some of the people there really, even though I know I won't see them again.


  • We went to Rovaniemi on Friday also. It didn´t snow then but when we arrived to Kemi, it was all white. We went for a walk near the cemetary yesterday, I just LOVE the grunching sound under my shoes... i was just oohh aaaah hearing it for the first time this fall/winter.

    By Blogger Dragonfly, at 1:40 PM GMT+3  

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