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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Cake, Chinese and Animation

Bascially the three words pretty much sum up the birthday program. Yeah I was so lucky to have someone to make the cake for me. Nothing extraordinary and my stomach is not big fan of cream, but hey I know certainly when to appreciate other people's work and sweet intention.

We went to eat Chinese, but because it's approaching the closing time we chose take-away. This time I didn't choose the spicy dish and the "chicken with sichuan source" according to the friend was not even close to be hot. We were settled in 8 minutes and heading out the restaurant. The food smell spreaded along the way we reached our car. Autumn feel was particularly strong. The street and store lights saved the autumn from deep darkness.

I left the rest of the take-away for later. We watched "Robots" after the meal. It is a family film or to be exact an animation film geared for kids under 12. We enjoyed it simply because it's really gave a big laugh. What else do I expect on a day like this?

Speaking of the movies I've watched lately, I may come to that later. Some good ones, ordinary and also some total waste.


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