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Saturday, October 01, 2005


Now is 7-day holiday at home. It's National Day, together with May Day are the longest public holidays in China. To most people, it means spending, travelling, shopping and more spending; to some people, it means finding the inner peace in means of relaxing and meeting up with love ones; to others, it is not a complete break from work and daily routine -- they take less time off and are prepared to be called when needed; to the rest like us, maybe it's just an ordinary week doing ordinary things like everyone else around us.

56 anniversary! There are right 56 nationalities in China. 56 nationalities celebrate the 56th birthday altogether. What a match and given meaning?(Did I sound too superficial?) No matter how the day is remembered -- celebrated where Chinese is the main ethical groups or by several Chinese having a gathering in an unknown land that is not seen in World Map, on the very same day you,me, we are all blessed!


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