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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Who said I can't turn back time

Winter time starts on today! I had my clock turned backwards one hour. I know this is silly, but every time it feels that I get one hour for free. People work hard to have more time for themselves or something else, 20 minutes or half an hour would be great, but usually that's almost impossible. Time feels little. Now I get an extra hour, what did I do then?

Ehh... let's see. I think the first thing after waking up this morning, was sitting at the table for 20 minutes and browsing a magazine. When I realized that the time just changed at night, I felt like a winner so continued browsing the magazine and local papers. I stood up, looked out the window, then did my morning routine in bathroom.

Oh there it goes, 60 minutes I got for free. BTW, Happy Halloween everyone!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

This time of the year

I seem to have always bad luck around this time of the year. I'm having a bad cold. On last Saturday morning it felt a cold was coming. Yet I didin't wear enough clothes when I went on the trip to Rovaniemi. The result is I was freezing for the whole day. Except constant headache, throatache and lack of appetite, things didn't get any worse until Thursday. Yesterday was dreadful. I fell down from the bike on the way to an interview. I was all wet and when I was sitting with the interviewer, I couldn't form a one good sentence in Finnish. Head was explording and the voice sounds having severe cold. Even it's just a part-time cleaner job, I was disappointed at...... something.

As remembered, about this time of 2004 and 2002 I was struggling with the cold for at least weeks.

I lied in the interview by the way. I felt I had to. She said they're looking for a worker that wants to want for a rather long period, not that kind of employee that once finds a job in own area/study field will quit here, let's say after 2 or 3 months. I replied so -- I want to work for a longer time; it's better for the company as well as for myself; I have no plans to move to somewhere else. I lied them all. In fact I am searching for work in own field; I am not a good cleaner because I never worked as a cleaner; and I can't wait to move to somewhere else for whatever reason.

My career building is so miserable. Twists, turns, maybes, no-chance, timing, locations...... Thanks god improved Finnish helped me get some intention and into some interviews. Should feel encouraging and self-confident than ever before, but I don't. Let me blame the cold and autumn-winter weather for the pessimistic attitude. That's making thing much easier.

And then I'll send some open applications to gain some power, motives and new hopes.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ongoing process

Thesis project takes up pretty much all my weedays for last two or three weeks. The project I was in has got into an odd state. There is nothing wrong with it. It's just its aim and the goal of my thesis have "compatibility" issues. Obviously they don't see what I am seeing and they pay little attention on site and page design issues. It's understandable since these aren't their areas. I did my best in telling the project team what I have been doing and thinking, what I am doing and what to present on next project meeting.

The design is gradually coming together. Although a short javascript code is all I plan to have in my page, it takes time if you want to take screen resolutions and multi browsers issues into account. I have IE, Firefox and Opera installed so that I can test the pages in at least these three browsers. IE gives me headache! As you know, it's not secure, it's slow. In one word-worse than many other less dominant products. After playing a bit with style sheet CSS, I more than realized that IE doesn't follow the web standards. That means you need to write fix only for IE to tackle the bug. Of course all programs have bugs, but browsers are what I am concerned now.

So yeah, my life is plain and simple. Now I need to start the writing part. Tutor insists that everyone should follow strict structure when writing thesis report. I am not gonna write a book about how I make a site even though he implied that I feel free to write 70 pages. Give a break, I am gonna be brief and bright in my writing.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Job training

I went to a job training in Rovaniemi on last Sat. I arrived late but didn't feel too embrased about it. I was sure I was the only one who lives out of town. To my surprise the training was in English and then I realized majority of the trainees were foreigners, foreign students to be exact. We all applied "matkaopas"(travel guide) for the Christmas season. It didn't take me long to realize most of them know each other from school, probably fromt the same class.

During the first break, I didn't feel like socializing. I almost forgot as a travel guide, taking initiative is very important in communicating with customers and solving problems. It is strange isn't it? I used to be active and energetic among foreigners 'cause myself is one. Well attitude changes I guess.

Things changed when someone approached me with "We've got snow again!" We started talking...Oh yeah it was snowing a lot on Sat in Rovaniemi. I dragged my exhaused body out of the train, and at the very same moment I couldn't help myself but "wow" when seeing it's snowing nicely and the groud was already covered with soft fresh white layer. It was beautiful. I told almost everyone I don't mind the dark autumn; I don't even care when the first snow comes or if it'll melt after few hours. I don't know what it is, but I was amazed at the scene, probably because I was on a trip expecting something great or maybe it's a town I am not familiar with.

I felt I was in an international students' gathering of some sort. Everybody was highly motivated and treated the training seriously like a school assignment. When I was on the bus back home, I didn't any more know if I really wanted this job or why I applied for it or why I signed the contract with them. I might pay more (travel expences and accomodation, etc.)than what I can earn. However, it was nice to meet some of the people there really, even though I know I won't see them again.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Movies I have watched and haven't faded yet

  • Crash. I watched it not so long ago and almost mention it to everyone I met. I simply like the film very much. Million Dollor Baby surely earned the director, Paul Haggis lots of credit in screenplay. It's his first movie, which shows again his telent in story telling. The movie is about races in L.A. There are many characters with different backgrounds and personalities. With few scenes and dialogues, audience was able to catch the outline of each character. But yet people are not painted black & white, racist or non-racist. Their actions have reasons, motive, and they act probably just themselves or little out of ordinary. Second half of the movie is pretty much heated up -- confrontations, conflicts and tragedies one after another. Maybe not suitable for evening(I did watch it at night though) since the topic may be too heavy. People say the movie is not profound enough to display the real issue, but I think the film is technically well-made and mind-taking in some level; definately worth watching.

  • The Jacket. Had it for a long time, but for some reason just watched few days ago. It was different and hard to watch in terms of plot. After having watched number of this sort of movie which presents a fragmented life, e.g. "Momento", "The Butterfly Effect", I thought it'd be easy to follow. I was wrong. There are many twists and turns till very end of the film, and the great performance makes it catching. According to many others, the movie was marketed as thriller or horror. I didn't recall the marketing period in Finland, but imo it doesn't fit into normal Holleywood movie categories. Probably it's one reason the movie didn't achieve a bigger success.The story is about time-space; about how a person that suffers from war and mental illness in outsiders' eyes, see the world differently and freely.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Cake, Chinese and Animation

Bascially the three words pretty much sum up the birthday program. Yeah I was so lucky to have someone to make the cake for me. Nothing extraordinary and my stomach is not big fan of cream, but hey I know certainly when to appreciate other people's work and sweet intention.

We went to eat Chinese, but because it's approaching the closing time we chose take-away. This time I didn't choose the spicy dish and the "chicken with sichuan source" according to the friend was not even close to be hot. We were settled in 8 minutes and heading out the restaurant. The food smell spreaded along the way we reached our car. Autumn feel was particularly strong. The street and store lights saved the autumn from deep darkness.

I left the rest of the take-away for later. We watched "Robots" after the meal. It is a family film or to be exact an animation film geared for kids under 12. We enjoyed it simply because it's really gave a big laugh. What else do I expect on a day like this?

Speaking of the movies I've watched lately, I may come to that later. Some good ones, ordinary and also some total waste.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Paljon onnea!

Birthday! Although it's once a year, I don't feel it any more special than weekend. Maybe it means more to my parents. It's them who bring me to the world and let me see what I see and do what I do. Every birthday I've had was not bad, but it never was the best day of the year.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


I should be preparing for tomorrow's project meeting. And last night's uneasy sleep makes me a inefficient worker. I came acorss this, which basically uses Google image search by key words to form an interesting picture grid. Clicking on any picture lead you to see how exactly the picture looks like. Advanced options give you possibility to set details. It's not perfectly working sometimes in a way that the pictures may appear slowly. The speed partly depends on what word you give of course. Think it fun than serious show-off.

In addition, Guess-the-google is a simple game devloped with the same idea. It's not easy though. I myself find it hard to come up with the exact key word matching all the images. Go and see if you like it.

Guess what word did I use to get that picture map?

Dream world - Heaven - Hell

---- To bombing on 1.10 Bali----

Is there any end to this?
Is there anywhere safe?
Is there anywhere in the world called home?
What point were you trying to make?
What did you think you can prove?
They say everything happens for a reason.
I don't see it.
Some thing is just simply wrong and inhuman.
Some thing cannot be justified in any way.
Some thing won't be forgotten.
Some thing won't stop without a heavy price.
Some thing has become extremely complicated and many strings attached to it.
Maybe sometimes complex issues are not supposed to be solved in a complex way.

Hell, I just don't get it.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Now is 7-day holiday at home. It's National Day, together with May Day are the longest public holidays in China. To most people, it means spending, travelling, shopping and more spending; to some people, it means finding the inner peace in means of relaxing and meeting up with love ones; to others, it is not a complete break from work and daily routine -- they take less time off and are prepared to be called when needed; to the rest like us, maybe it's just an ordinary week doing ordinary things like everyone else around us.

56 anniversary! There are right 56 nationalities in China. 56 nationalities celebrate the 56th birthday altogether. What a match and given meaning?(Did I sound too superficial?) No matter how the day is remembered -- celebrated where Chinese is the main ethical groups or by several Chinese having a gathering in an unknown land that is not seen in World Map, on the very same day you,me, we are all blessed!

What I've be reading

In the first years after I came to this area, I had headache finding English books and publications for my pastime. After I read some old English literature that I'd read earlier, I wished to find some thing more comteporary and modern. Then I had no time to search for own interest because school-related reading took up much time. Most importantly Internet was taking over without my notice and unevitably it became a habit.

I am not into detective and suspence novels, never ever. I had couple of John Grisham , but never was eager enough to finish them. I can say I am not much a English reader after all. During the time I paused my English blogging, I actually went to the libraries to read. There's almost nothing for me to read except regular Newsweek, sometimes Time and Economist. I read them anyway, paying no mind to the fact I have limited interest in pure news periodicals. I figured I am lacking of English reading, and that excluded glancing or browsing. English collection that stored in city library is old and very small. I searched anyway, hoping to find some old but worthy masterpiece. I couldn't help my excitement when I found Complete Prose of Woody Allen. The humour, wits, use of words and phrases are very enjoyable, although sometimes I feel the comedy side of the writings is a little too much for me. Maybe it's just me or the purpose of the writer.

I borrowed Carson McCullers' "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" and "Reflection in a Golden Eye", latter of which is made to a movie. I probably don't have the heart for this Southern stories, but I'd give it a go. Bless...