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Friday, September 30, 2005

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I missed last Friday's Finnish course because I needed to be at thesis seminar in Tornio. Call me a lazybone, but I don't feel one time course 1.5 hour is that much to miss. In fact I was glad to have some good reasons to be somewhere else. It's not that I don't take initiative in learning Finnish language, it's the course that sucks. I expect it to be course where we get to talk and conversate alot, but the teacher's planned filling all kinds of forms and applications one of the main study items at the course. I understand forms and paper work is part of our lives, but how difficult will that possibably be? If they are difficult for foreigners, they're somehow difficult for the local Finns as well. Isn't it enough to go through the most common fields and questions in forms? We'll know how to do them when they come. Please save some time for conversation, listening and use of phrases.

So yeah, I am dissappointed. Friends told me I totally should share my thoughts on this with the teacher. Maybe I will if she continues what she's doing. Hopefully I will talk some sense to her, at least get her to see my point.

Nobody likes spending weekend in working, but when your daytime is packed with other duties, or your time is simply not enough, or you're simply running out of options, you have to work at weekend. As long as I acheive some efficency and effectiveness, I won't complain. It's my work and motivation comes from inside.

Dragonfly posted a autumn scene, I post one of my favourate from couple months before.


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