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Thursday, September 29, 2005

I am back! Back to autumn!

I never left. I am always around. I've been coming here and checking other blogs from now and then.

It feels a long time has passed. The fallen leaves, non-stop wind and cloudy sky indicate that the mid-autumn's arrived. Sometimes we wonder how time can change things and people, while in fact from another angle things never really change that much as we'd like them to.

If you look at me, what I've been up to, I can tell I am pretty much doing what I am always doing or thinking to do. Thesis project is proceeding slowly than my schedule, but my workload is much bigger than I estimated according to the project plan. Because of the limited time and resources that I have for my thesis, I decide not to go too detailed and elaborate on survey analysis. I am neither doing a quantitative research and nor a statistics student. The ultimate goal is to design a site that will be utilized by my school and other interested educational institutes.

Besides the idea that things stay the same, I totally agree that things never go as planned. Thus my weakness of indecisiveness sometimes saves my ass from troubles. When I almost booked the plane tickets for home visit, something "nice" comes up. I will have some travel guiding jobs starting at Christmas throughout the whole winter. GREAT! That's exactly what I wished for now! Or what? I can't wait to visit home country. Postponing is just what I've been doing for last three years. But hey, I should be happy right? At least I won't fall miserably into unemployment crises after graduation.

Anyway, I am back, back to autumn with bunch of summer photos...Reminded me of the Greenday song "Wake me up when September ends". Everyone, enjoy the autumn!


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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:01 PM GMT+3  

  • Hi, glad to see you´re back! :)

    Ugh, there´s not much to enjoy is there... no wonder finns are depressed when the weather´s like it´s been the whole week. :/

    By Blogger Dragonfly, at 10:47 PM GMT+3  

  • Nice to see you back, hey why can't we open your Chinese blog ? is there some kind of restrictions ?

    By Blogger greensatya, at 2:12 PM GMT+3  

  • What do you mean satya? I didn't put it as a link yet.

    By Blogger sideeyes, at 2:43 PM GMT+3  

  • Couple of weeks back, when you had the old template, there was the link to your chinese blog in the right hand corner.It was on some i..domain,can't remember now.

    When there wasn't much action on this blog I had clicked on that, but it didn't open :d. I thought may be I needed Chinese language software on my computer for it to open.

    By Blogger greensatya, at 6:33 PM GMT+3  

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