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Friday, September 30, 2005

Be pround, be happy

It's three year in a row for Finland to be at the top of global competitiveness ranking, and it's 4 times in last five year to claim "the most competitive country" title. Here you can read some highlights and remarks of the over-600-page 2005 report by World Economic Forum. If I wanted to argue how profound the ranking stands, I would have first question the definition of "competiveness" defined by WEF. Here I'd think as the report shown, a country's competitiveness is based on economic figures, statistics, policies, business, economic environment, etc. Finland and other Nordic countries are doing great job in bringing all factors together to keep the economies stable, minimize the nagative effects of weaknesses, e.g. inflexible labour market, high taxes.

Finns have reasons to be pround and to be happy too. Among 20 countries Finns are the 2rd happiest. Well I am not surprised, since it again depends how you define "happy". Healthy is happy. Satisfaction is happy.


  • Hmm, nice post. So what other factors do you think should be there to assess competitiveness?

    I think Finland will lag in competitveness if one factor like FDI is included, there may be more but this is not to take away the credit from Finland. It is definitely a great thing to be at top for three successive year.

    India is on 50 just behind your China :)

    By Blogger greensatya, at 2:11 PM GMT+3  

  • I know bascially three sides were taken into account, macroeconomical environment, public instituitions and technological innovations. I've not go into details of each side though, like index and formulars. Yes Finland's weak at drawing forien investment. Don't know if it's somehow included into the business index. Anyhow...

    China's ranking is totally reasonable. China's been dependent quite much on foreign technologies and problems with government institutions are obvious.

    By Blogger sideeyes, at 2:33 PM GMT+3  

  • Yay! Go Finland! :D

    By Blogger Dragonfly, at 4:24 PM GMT+3  

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