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Friday, August 05, 2005

What have I been doing

I've had very relaxing days since 1 of Aug. I bicycled to city center to check out stores that I didn't have chance to visit that much for last two months. I hoped to find some clothes(leftover) after couple major ALE periods. I was disppointed as usual but glad at least to take a pair of discounted spring/autumn shoes home.

I spent my day time visiting shops, friends that work in shops, and sitting at the seashore. Evenings were even easy to kill since there were Swimming Championship and Golden Cup coming on TV. Yeah I love watching sports, not that much a real practicer though. Speaking of which, tomorrow is gonna be IAAF World Championships in Helsinki. Hopefully the weather will be good, at least won't affect much the competitions.

Did I mention that there was one annoying girl at work whom I went into fight with twice? The other day I came across her in front of Euromarket and inside a fast food place. We greeted each other and in the food place we even exchanged some words like
--Hei, we meet again!
--Yes, AGAIN!
--Don't feel like making food at home, so came here...
--Yeah same here...

I guess I just couldn't think her in better way after she shown her outrangeous behaviour and attitude towards me at work. She as me a temporary worker, always told other short-term workers what and how to do. As long as you don't have the demanding tone and you do slightly better than others. I had a very impression about her on her first day at work. She talked a lot and most of them are ^&*%$#@#, believe me! I figured she belongs to that kind of annoying type of person. I couldn't care less, as long as she doesn't step on my toes. Then she totally crossed her line and spoke to me like my suprior but actually sounded just childish and unreasonable. I was totally mad and had to fought back. Hehe, not so good at fighting in Finnish, but trying to be. Anyways, it felt really bad 'caz I don't like confrontation with colleagues if it's nothing to do with the work itself. Thanks god, I don't have to deal with her for longer than temporary.

I've not met a Fin as annoying as her. She's only 24 but feels she's had a bitterly bad life and is living her late 40's or something. She's so nagative, but the thing is she joked around alot too, like everyone and the whole world is damn funny.

No mater how well we ended our work relationship, I lost my temper in front her. I don't think I'll give her much credit even she offered me speciall cookies during the coffee breaks. ^o^ Childish me maybe, just can't help


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