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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A surprisingly warm day

Since my bicycle is again in good shape, I decided to go for a ride. To my surprise (never check thermometer), it's a warm day. I believed here Aug=Arrival of Autumn. The cloudy sky, rain shower and cold wind... Many athletes in Olympic stadium find it hard, more or less to cope with the cold weather, although the audience's really given the best excitation, warm and passion.

Oh did I mention the world chapionship again? Ha, can't help~~ I can't imagine how would I behave if I sat in the stadium. Basically I am just watching everything from a small TV with all those people walking to my room and wondering how on earth can I be so into it. Ha, it's me~~

A strong rain shower interrupted the race for at least an hour. My guess was today's race would not continue. However it kept on after the heavy shower stoped. All the running race --100m
Hurdles qualification Women, 800m final Women, 3000m Steeplechase final Men, Decathlon 400m and 400m Hurdles Men were all through. I have to admit that it's not a nice situation for the athletes, but they are supposed to be fully prepared including changeble weather conditions. Actually I was worried about the results. As a audience whose own nations (China and Finland) are not the best hope in track and field, (sure 110 Hurdles Men and Javelin Men are our best shot) I watch the race, the competitiveness and the result.

Honestly speaking, the competitiveness of the races has been greatly reduced by the absence of number of World's No. 1 or Olympic Champions. Their absence many are due to the injuries, so to speak. Ok, maybe some have really injuries, some use it as cover of the real issues, like Doping. I never rule out possibility of Doping, because it's just there, in the sports, likely used by most sportmen in most sports fields. I am more than happy to know that the competition has a very strict test along. It's accuracy and exclusiveness is not my area though.

Back to my thinking. Yeah, so you watch the technics, a throw, a take-off, a start, but most of all the race. If competitiveness between the athletes is minified and the winning of medals is too easy, what's the fun of competiting and watching? Don't get me wrong, I like surprises and surprise winners, like the Bronze medal of Women's High Jump went to a less known Swedish Emma Green whereas the Gold medal seemed too easy for
Kajsa Bergqvist due to lack of a great challenger and dropped level of other rivals. 100m Men, I would say was the most boring 100m race that I've ever seen or remembered. Justin Gatlin himself made clear in his comments that he's dissapointed that Asafa Powell couldn't make to the competition. Look at the winning result 9.88 and the relatively calm audience at the time, it's truly dissapointing.

Mutta hei, past is past. Best is yet to come! Heptathlon's proved to be great race and I just love Carolina Kluft, ha! Decathlon and Haptathlon athletes are just supermen and superwomen. Others need to concentrate on one event so that they can be specialized at it. But be able to be evenly good at 7 and 10 events, that takes a strong body and mind!


  • I was there yesterday when it started raining, it was heavy rain. Before that weather was so good, bright sunny and hot and suddenly it started raining :d

    By Blogger greensatya, at 10:22 AM GMT+3  

  • Oh you were among the audience. Must be pretty late when people got back home


    By Blogger sideeyes, at 1:10 PM GMT+3  

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