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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Simple life

It's truly a simple life. Since last Saturday my time has spent with comapnionship of IAAF World Championships in Athletics. Can't sit in the environment but can taste the joy of a great sports event.

I am surprised by popularity of track and field among Finns. I know Finns practice a lot. Every summer almost in every city there are some kind of Marathon, and among the participants you won't be surprised to find people from different age groups. And young people are taking interest in track and field sports. Not that they wish to become somebody in the field, not that they are going to be some great racer, not that they'll get systematic training either. It just comes natural to jump, run, throw on the field, to show the spirit and just simply have fun!

I always ask 'how come there are so few great athletics in track and field nowadays from Finland'. I wasn't given an answer. Maybe something with the whole system, maybe training and racing methods, or techniques. I don't know. Lots of factors I think. Weather and climate is one of them.

Maybe competing is one thing, the love for the sport is another


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