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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Great movie! I can't say it's better than the 1st one "Before Sunrise", but it totally got me in its way.

First I was afraid I'd feel disappointed since the 1st one is specially good. Well, unlike many people who watched the 2nd one searched for sweet, romantic, sincere past and memories in the 1st one, I couldn't stop relating 2nd to the 1st one and find out how time can change, reshape, damange and also extend things in people's life.

I found myself resemble Celine very much. Scary especially I am not even 26 yet. I am living in an age that is full of energy, hope, expectation, passion and belief, amn't I?

I kept repeating those words and phrases Celine said to Jesse during the car ride heading to her house-- "no real connenction", "no excitement","it reminded me how genuine and romantic I was""Now I don't feel anything related to love""dried out"...more... They hit me. Although some of them are not for or about me, I am afraid that's way I am becoming nowadays. Did I experience really that much? No, not really. Did I get screwed many times (like how Celine mentioned about her past relationships)? No, not really. Then where do all these feelings come from? Did I see too much or being self-protective?

The movie is special. The ending comes just right. I didn't even feel bad they didn't meet on Dec. 1995 as they promised to. Probably they'd be in a relationship and sweet lovely one. Probably it ended up quickly because they weren't for each other. Or not. The thing is I don't have wisdom to find those meanings of life like the characters do, or anything, but I have all the unavoidable self-questioning and doubt.

Should I get lost or get wasted?


  • i nva did see before sunrise, but before sunset is definetly one of the best movies ive ever seen..
    totally relatable, n i guess thas wut makes its so beautiful..
    the ending was great, like u said.

    By Blogger Me., at 1:02 AM GMT+2  

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