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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Elämä jatkuu

I wasn't going to write anything about Tero Pitkämäki's javelin throw until the victory ceremony was shown.

I never try javelin throw in real life, not mention the sport's history and technics, but I'll give a try to find some explanation for how things went for Pitkämäki. Basically two big factors that made him go way below his normal level: weather condition and pressure. You probably say it's the same for everyone who's there to compete. Here is my thought--

I oberserved actually just few times when Tero Pitkämäki's threw in previous competitions. I noticed he has unique technics compared to others. He has the speed and his body is much forward during and after the throw, and he's usually down on the ground (to 'brake' behind the line) as you may noticed. His technics and speed were greatly threaterned by the strong wind and rain, possibably more than any one else. When he gave the first attempt, the wind and rain were almost the strongest. The result was only around 75m, which is 15m shorter than his personal best. I figured he should be in quite good shape, since his morning throw was nice and easy and it passed 82m. The weather got a little better but Pitkämäki's best just couldn't be freed from the 'bad' start. The water on the groud and in the air stop him using the speed to keep the throw far and stable. The rain storm killed most of gold medal chances and the audience didn't help that much after all.
Anyone who knows about Javelin throw technics? Correct my thoughts above plz if...

Then of course the pressure. I can't say Pitkämäki received from media and fans as much pressure as Liu Xiang in China, but same kind. Javelin Throw has a long-tradition in Finland. Specially Pitkämäki's result in this year and season have been so good that medal is not too much to hope for. Hope, expectations and pressure are sometimes too much to take.

Take it easy! To all the athletes who won medals, who had a great race and also who failed the home fans. Keep on moving


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