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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Cisco, Nokia?

There've been many talks or let's say rumour or speculations on the net about Cisco buying Nokia. It seems that back in spring similar rumour bursted out led by outsiders. This time Cisco and Nokia do not give any comment concerning it.

If I roughly think about the possibility of the deal, it's quite out of question isn't it? Two companies have rather different focuses and areas. Nokia's network is relatively a small part of the whole business, especially compared to the mobile operation. Even if the deal occured, Cisco would only buy Nokia's network seperately intead of purchasing the whole company. I am not sure how much sense it makes if say, Cisco is looking into buying a major wireless infrastructure player because convergence of network and wireless lines is surely on its way and already around us. Well I just don't see why Nokia should be the choice in this case. Hehe, maybe I am not making much sense here myself if I don't go into more technical details. (I won't caz I can't ha!)

Cisco is looking forward to expanding the business portfolio and mobile area can be huge in bringing good growth. It's doubtful that a big purchase like Nokia or any other big mobile player is what Cisco is planning for the near future. It's just crazy!! Maybe some little buys and alliance what Cisco's been doing for past several years.

There have been Cisco/Nokia talks for so long and the rumour becomes once again vivid probably due to the final annoucement of Jorma Ollila 's departure and landing on Shell.

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