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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Can't wait

I can't wait to send out the questionnaires for the project after it's been approved.
I can't wait to get feedback and response so that I can start planning web application, site structure, navigation, layout, graphics... oh man I am gonna drown in all these.
I can't wait to go to the barber appointment on Friday to get my hair done finally.
I can't wait to hear from a dear friend after she's given her first birth back in GZ .

I have to quickly get over with the bad sleeping habit. Since for two weeks, I've stayed up late because I don't feel sleepy. In the mornings dragging myself out of bed is just killing me.
Can't wait to turn my biology clock back to normal! Any clues?
Can't wait to watch the long waiting movie 'Before Sunset'. Many of you have seen it I suppose. I think just for sake of dialagues in the movies including the previous one 'Before Sunrise', I can watch number of times.

K. Try to get some sleep now.


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