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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

After I met a friend

I went to city to meet up with a friend. Yes she lives and works here , but no we haven't met since last Christmas. Like usual I used my limited Finnish skills and vocabulary to talk about what I've been up to and tried to have a conversation with my friend. It was all good until I realized curve of my thoughts were jumping and skipping and ideas were random. I haven't learned to think in Finnish like a normal people I suppose.

We were in cafe, library and agreed that I will go to see her horse riding next Sunday. Then she said she needed to go home to be a good wife for his hubby's soon gonna get off from work. All right if you say so, I thought we could get something to eat since 8 km between our homes makes it damn hard to meet or come across, I said to myself. :P

After we split, I went to a local Asia restaurant to fill my starving stomach. Believe me 1 year ago I'd never go into a local Chinese and Vietnamese to spoil myself. They are nasty and most of all unoriginal. I can make anything they make without a question. Later I thought it through with a conclusion that it won't hurt if I once a while go to get served by "the unoriginal" instead of home cooking.

It was rice and beef with some vegetables. Nothing fancy but I was totally satisfied with it since it was spicy, not according to original standard though.


  • I´m sorry, what the heck is that?????

    I don´t like the chinese restaurant here, the food tastes too stuffy for my taste... but the other restaurant near Tiimari is good. :)

    By Blogger Dragonfly, at 5:47 PM GMT+3  

  • I went to the Vietnamese one.

    By Blogger sideeyes, at 9:35 AM GMT+3  

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