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Monday, August 29, 2005

Maybe let go

It seems that I've taken my Chinese blog really seriously and kindof abandon this dear one. I think partly it is because I feel that I am a terrible writer in English. I probably don't feel like reading what I've written afterwards. I wrote interesting topic into boring, boring topic into tedious. And I can't do anything about it.

I think all those comments I left on other people's blogs are far more delicate, thoughtful and more like me. I haven't decided if I'll quit here. Maybe it's always easier to give up than make progress. Right now I am in between and self-struggling.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

After I met a friend

I went to city to meet up with a friend. Yes she lives and works here , but no we haven't met since last Christmas. Like usual I used my limited Finnish skills and vocabulary to talk about what I've been up to and tried to have a conversation with my friend. It was all good until I realized curve of my thoughts were jumping and skipping and ideas were random. I haven't learned to think in Finnish like a normal people I suppose.

We were in cafe, library and agreed that I will go to see her horse riding next Sunday. Then she said she needed to go home to be a good wife for his hubby's soon gonna get off from work. All right if you say so, I thought we could get something to eat since 8 km between our homes makes it damn hard to meet or come across, I said to myself. :P

After we split, I went to a local Asia restaurant to fill my starving stomach. Believe me 1 year ago I'd never go into a local Chinese and Vietnamese to spoil myself. They are nasty and most of all unoriginal. I can make anything they make without a question. Later I thought it through with a conclusion that it won't hurt if I once a while go to get served by "the unoriginal" instead of home cooking.

It was rice and beef with some vegetables. Nothing fancy but I was totally satisfied with it since it was spicy, not according to original standard though.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Be famous

From our local paper Lounais-Lappi I read that Tuija Ruokonen from this city would be in semi-final of Suomen Neito 2005. After quick check on net, I understood that she dropped out on last Thursday so didn't make to tomorrow's final. Some unrealisc photos of final 12.

I neither watch nor take any interest in Miss Finland. I think it's just silly and all of them look silly in those clothes and make-ups. I know Tuija Ruokonen in real life. Well actually she was in the same group as me but later she transfered to another study group after I joined the group just few weeks earlier. Therefore I didn't get the chance to really get to know her or anything like that.

I was surprised, I mean iso tyttö like(180cm/64kg, we joked like that) her taking part in beauty competition? Then I soon knew I just had a sterotyped opinion. Actually she was in Lounais-Lappi Neito 2000 (local beauty contest) and it seems that any girls can play the game as long as you are relatively tall and feel confident at yourself.

Celebraties,the rich and the beautiful are not so big thing, although they are the center of gossip magazine 24-h a day, 260 days a year. Same as anywhere else. I don't know if the audience of Miss Suomi are mainly teens and young girls, or does it include some men too? Well not my interest anyway.

Oh then there's some boy from this area going to be in Idol contest of Northern Finland? Like Antti Tuisku has really waken up the desire of realizing own dreams in Lappish boys or something...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Great movie! I can't say it's better than the 1st one "Before Sunrise", but it totally got me in its way.

First I was afraid I'd feel disappointed since the 1st one is specially good. Well, unlike many people who watched the 2nd one searched for sweet, romantic, sincere past and memories in the 1st one, I couldn't stop relating 2nd to the 1st one and find out how time can change, reshape, damange and also extend things in people's life.

I found myself resemble Celine very much. Scary especially I am not even 26 yet. I am living in an age that is full of energy, hope, expectation, passion and belief, amn't I?

I kept repeating those words and phrases Celine said to Jesse during the car ride heading to her house-- "no real connenction", "no excitement","it reminded me how genuine and romantic I was""Now I don't feel anything related to love""dried out"...more... They hit me. Although some of them are not for or about me, I am afraid that's way I am becoming nowadays. Did I experience really that much? No, not really. Did I get screwed many times (like how Celine mentioned about her past relationships)? No, not really. Then where do all these feelings come from? Did I see too much or being self-protective?

The movie is special. The ending comes just right. I didn't even feel bad they didn't meet on Dec. 1995 as they promised to. Probably they'd be in a relationship and sweet lovely one. Probably it ended up quickly because they weren't for each other. Or not. The thing is I don't have wisdom to find those meanings of life like the characters do, or anything, but I have all the unavoidable self-questioning and doubt.

Should I get lost or get wasted?

Can't wait

I can't wait to send out the questionnaires for the project after it's been approved.
I can't wait to get feedback and response so that I can start planning web application, site structure, navigation, layout, graphics... oh man I am gonna drown in all these.
I can't wait to go to the barber appointment on Friday to get my hair done finally.
I can't wait to hear from a dear friend after she's given her first birth back in GZ .

I have to quickly get over with the bad sleeping habit. Since for two weeks, I've stayed up late because I don't feel sleepy. In the mornings dragging myself out of bed is just killing me.
Can't wait to turn my biology clock back to normal! Any clues?
Can't wait to watch the long waiting movie 'Before Sunset'. Many of you have seen it I suppose. I think just for sake of dialagues in the movies including the previous one 'Before Sunrise', I can watch number of times.

K. Try to get some sleep now.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Work it out

Ok. I am now back to life from following the sport event. Tomorrow I should deliver a questionnaire, very first version of course to one of the project superviser. I am quite happy with what I've done, given the limited information and suggestions at hand. By Friday I'll get feedback about the questionnaire from other project parcipants of two other organizations. Totally looking forward to having the thing moving forward.

When I look ahead, I just feel it's rather big work before my thesis is ready and the final product can be launched. Anyhow I am excited to get my ass on the work and start rolling. I totally should get fully motivated before the winter will eat me up. Hehe, just joking!

OK, too tired to think of anything right now. Bed time... new day ahead...everyone

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Elämä jatkuu

I wasn't going to write anything about Tero Pitkämäki's javelin throw until the victory ceremony was shown.

I never try javelin throw in real life, not mention the sport's history and technics, but I'll give a try to find some explanation for how things went for Pitkämäki. Basically two big factors that made him go way below his normal level: weather condition and pressure. You probably say it's the same for everyone who's there to compete. Here is my thought--

I oberserved actually just few times when Tero Pitkämäki's threw in previous competitions. I noticed he has unique technics compared to others. He has the speed and his body is much forward during and after the throw, and he's usually down on the ground (to 'brake' behind the line) as you may noticed. His technics and speed were greatly threaterned by the strong wind and rain, possibably more than any one else. When he gave the first attempt, the wind and rain were almost the strongest. The result was only around 75m, which is 15m shorter than his personal best. I figured he should be in quite good shape, since his morning throw was nice and easy and it passed 82m. The weather got a little better but Pitkämäki's best just couldn't be freed from the 'bad' start. The water on the groud and in the air stop him using the speed to keep the throw far and stable. The rain storm killed most of gold medal chances and the audience didn't help that much after all.
Anyone who knows about Javelin throw technics? Correct my thoughts above plz if...

Then of course the pressure. I can't say Pitkämäki received from media and fans as much pressure as Liu Xiang in China, but same kind. Javelin Throw has a long-tradition in Finland. Specially Pitkämäki's result in this year and season have been so good that medal is not too much to hope for. Hope, expectations and pressure are sometimes too much to take.

Take it easy! To all the athletes who won medals, who had a great race and also who failed the home fans. Keep on moving

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Cisco, Nokia?

There've been many talks or let's say rumour or speculations on the net about Cisco buying Nokia. It seems that back in spring similar rumour bursted out led by outsiders. This time Cisco and Nokia do not give any comment concerning it.

If I roughly think about the possibility of the deal, it's quite out of question isn't it? Two companies have rather different focuses and areas. Nokia's network is relatively a small part of the whole business, especially compared to the mobile operation. Even if the deal occured, Cisco would only buy Nokia's network seperately intead of purchasing the whole company. I am not sure how much sense it makes if say, Cisco is looking into buying a major wireless infrastructure player because convergence of network and wireless lines is surely on its way and already around us. Well I just don't see why Nokia should be the choice in this case. Hehe, maybe I am not making much sense here myself if I don't go into more technical details. (I won't caz I can't ha!)

Cisco is looking forward to expanding the business portfolio and mobile area can be huge in bringing good growth. It's doubtful that a big purchase like Nokia or any other big mobile player is what Cisco is planning for the near future. It's just crazy!! Maybe some little buys and alliance what Cisco's been doing for past several years.

There have been Cisco/Nokia talks for so long and the rumour becomes once again vivid probably due to the final annoucement of Jorma Ollila 's departure and landing on Shell.

Feel free to share the views if any~~

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A surprisingly warm day

Since my bicycle is again in good shape, I decided to go for a ride. To my surprise (never check thermometer), it's a warm day. I believed here Aug=Arrival of Autumn. The cloudy sky, rain shower and cold wind... Many athletes in Olympic stadium find it hard, more or less to cope with the cold weather, although the audience's really given the best excitation, warm and passion.

Oh did I mention the world chapionship again? Ha, can't help~~ I can't imagine how would I behave if I sat in the stadium. Basically I am just watching everything from a small TV with all those people walking to my room and wondering how on earth can I be so into it. Ha, it's me~~

A strong rain shower interrupted the race for at least an hour. My guess was today's race would not continue. However it kept on after the heavy shower stoped. All the running race --100m
Hurdles qualification Women, 800m final Women, 3000m Steeplechase final Men, Decathlon 400m and 400m Hurdles Men were all through. I have to admit that it's not a nice situation for the athletes, but they are supposed to be fully prepared including changeble weather conditions. Actually I was worried about the results. As a audience whose own nations (China and Finland) are not the best hope in track and field, (sure 110 Hurdles Men and Javelin Men are our best shot) I watch the race, the competitiveness and the result.

Honestly speaking, the competitiveness of the races has been greatly reduced by the absence of number of World's No. 1 or Olympic Champions. Their absence many are due to the injuries, so to speak. Ok, maybe some have really injuries, some use it as cover of the real issues, like Doping. I never rule out possibility of Doping, because it's just there, in the sports, likely used by most sportmen in most sports fields. I am more than happy to know that the competition has a very strict test along. It's accuracy and exclusiveness is not my area though.

Back to my thinking. Yeah, so you watch the technics, a throw, a take-off, a start, but most of all the race. If competitiveness between the athletes is minified and the winning of medals is too easy, what's the fun of competiting and watching? Don't get me wrong, I like surprises and surprise winners, like the Bronze medal of Women's High Jump went to a less known Swedish Emma Green whereas the Gold medal seemed too easy for
Kajsa Bergqvist due to lack of a great challenger and dropped level of other rivals. 100m Men, I would say was the most boring 100m race that I've ever seen or remembered. Justin Gatlin himself made clear in his comments that he's dissapointed that Asafa Powell couldn't make to the competition. Look at the winning result 9.88 and the relatively calm audience at the time, it's truly dissapointing.

Mutta hei, past is past. Best is yet to come! Heptathlon's proved to be great race and I just love Carolina Kluft, ha! Decathlon and Haptathlon athletes are just supermen and superwomen. Others need to concentrate on one event so that they can be specialized at it. But be able to be evenly good at 7 and 10 events, that takes a strong body and mind!

Simple life

It's truly a simple life. Since last Saturday my time has spent with comapnionship of IAAF World Championships in Athletics. Can't sit in the environment but can taste the joy of a great sports event.

I am surprised by popularity of track and field among Finns. I know Finns practice a lot. Every summer almost in every city there are some kind of Marathon, and among the participants you won't be surprised to find people from different age groups. And young people are taking interest in track and field sports. Not that they wish to become somebody in the field, not that they are going to be some great racer, not that they'll get systematic training either. It just comes natural to jump, run, throw on the field, to show the spirit and just simply have fun!

I always ask 'how come there are so few great athletics in track and field nowadays from Finland'. I wasn't given an answer. Maybe something with the whole system, maybe training and racing methods, or techniques. I don't know. Lots of factors I think. Weather and climate is one of them.

Maybe competing is one thing, the love for the sport is another

Friday, August 05, 2005

What have I been doing

I've had very relaxing days since 1 of Aug. I bicycled to city center to check out stores that I didn't have chance to visit that much for last two months. I hoped to find some clothes(leftover) after couple major ALE periods. I was disppointed as usual but glad at least to take a pair of discounted spring/autumn shoes home.

I spent my day time visiting shops, friends that work in shops, and sitting at the seashore. Evenings were even easy to kill since there were Swimming Championship and Golden Cup coming on TV. Yeah I love watching sports, not that much a real practicer though. Speaking of which, tomorrow is gonna be IAAF World Championships in Helsinki. Hopefully the weather will be good, at least won't affect much the competitions.

Did I mention that there was one annoying girl at work whom I went into fight with twice? The other day I came across her in front of Euromarket and inside a fast food place. We greeted each other and in the food place we even exchanged some words like
--Hei, we meet again!
--Yes, AGAIN!
--Don't feel like making food at home, so came here...
--Yeah same here...

I guess I just couldn't think her in better way after she shown her outrangeous behaviour and attitude towards me at work. She as me a temporary worker, always told other short-term workers what and how to do. As long as you don't have the demanding tone and you do slightly better than others. I had a very impression about her on her first day at work. She talked a lot and most of them are ^&*%$#@#, believe me! I figured she belongs to that kind of annoying type of person. I couldn't care less, as long as she doesn't step on my toes. Then she totally crossed her line and spoke to me like my suprior but actually sounded just childish and unreasonable. I was totally mad and had to fought back. Hehe, not so good at fighting in Finnish, but trying to be. Anyways, it felt really bad 'caz I don't like confrontation with colleagues if it's nothing to do with the work itself. Thanks god, I don't have to deal with her for longer than temporary.

I've not met a Fin as annoying as her. She's only 24 but feels she's had a bitterly bad life and is living her late 40's or something. She's so nagative, but the thing is she joked around alot too, like everyone and the whole world is damn funny.

No mater how well we ended our work relationship, I lost my temper in front her. I don't think I'll give her much credit even she offered me speciall cookies during the coffee breaks. ^o^ Childish me maybe, just can't help