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Sunday, July 17, 2005

They are on journey

Does it seem to you that everybody's on summer vacation or planning to go on one. I am not talking about going to Suomen Tivoli, gathering for a Grill night, heading to Pori Jazz, or go sailing. In fact I am refering to --

Dad is on business/leisure trip to Taiwan(considring all political and practical obstacles in last half century, this trip could only be emotional but yet exciting);
A friend's been in Rome for one week and is enjoying the rest of the week in Dublin with her love(nothing else but romance that is);
Parents of a friend is flying to Miami beach in a day or two(Finnish just love the greatest beaches in the world... Spain, Greece, Portugal, Miami, what about Austrailia?)

Then look at how and where I HAVE BEEN lately--

  • Several of us have become movie freeks in last one month. After made a rough list of movies we'd watched, we agreed that one more movie could make us all throw up. It's like eating or drinking too much too fast. Worse than hangover.
  • Lack of interests in making food, so no food, but snacks, sämpylä, fruits and soda
  • House is messy and untidy. Carpet and blankets were expected to be washed.
  • Got tanned. I mean it!

and what I have for rest of summer-

  • Got travelling plans? Er..not really. Definate desitinations?Er...coming up. Times of travel? Er...I shall see.
  • Should keep a relaxed timetable, which means no alarm clock, no emergency work-related calls, and ... no plans?
  • Or more tanned?

OK no worries no panic everything's under control. Oh wait a second, don't I have to start premilinary work for my thesis project and have something ready by mid-August? Oh N0, that's the plan?!


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