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Saturday, July 16, 2005

I bought a teenage phone

They lauged that I bought a phone that is targeted at 'young' people, mostly teenagers. Ok I didn't first want to buy Nokia 3220, instead I thought Siemens CX70 has pretty cool features, camera and large memory. Ok I didn't really spend time in comparing, reading reveals and all that. Ok I just needed a phone and now I have one.

It has rather small screen, but the design is unique and the keyboard gives the comforbility and touch. Although it's an about-one-year-old model, I can't keep my hands off it. I tried to record audio and vedio stuff, but the memory is basically too small to have all appli or downloads as I wish. Well every phone has its pros and cons, the 128 euro price could balance its limitations I suppose?

Bad luck didn't stop on the incident on the DC. It followed by completely-out-of-use phone, broken water tap in toilet, then what? a repearted line said in movie Collateral "Well sh*t happens (right), gotta roll with it!"

Will have my summer holiday beginning at Aug., or can I even call it as holiday? But you know when you don't need to go to work every morning, when you have a whole day to figure out what to do, when at the end of day you feel you did probably just nothing (again), etc. Kinda sad when here Aug. just feels more like autumn and absolutely isn't any extended warm weather.

Thinking to make some trips to Southern Finland on some weekends this month. Helsinki area, Tampere, something like that. Hopefully the sun keeps shining.


  • congratulations on your new phone.
    just found out your blog and loved it.
    i've added a link to you. hope you don't mind.
    you just got yourself a portuguese reader.
    all the best.

    By Anonymous jose luis, at 10:40 AM GMT+3  

  • Hi, thanx! It's nice this blog interests you in any way!

    By Blogger sideeyes, at 12:11 PM GMT+3  

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