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Friday, July 22, 2005

Why bother?

A colleague of mine for last several days, has been talking about all kinds of misbehaviour of her boyfriend during our coffee and lunch break. It sounded that he has all the typical weaknesses of a man -- lazy, forgotful, unthoughtful, ignorant, silly... the list goes on. Then maybe even, typical Finnish man has some marks on him too, although I wouldn't like to categorize any people without knowing them really.

My colleague almost raised her voice when answering her boyfriend's one phone call today. I first thought she might have overreacted to the situation, with her temper and way of dealing with things. The boyfriend maybe annoying and unbelievable, but he as a person isn't necessarily that unforgivable. Or... Then she explained in further details of the boyfriend, including refusing to share the rent with her even he stays at her place most of the time. After receiving this message, we listeners all became almost mad and empathetic. We all agreed that our colleage should kick him out of the house if the situation doesn't change. 1/3 of the rent isn't that much really.

Objectively speaking, OK maybe it's not a deadful situation yet. Perhaps he just hasn't got used to the rule since he's new to the sharing house thing. He hasn't paid his part, but he didn't say he won't pay. Most of all, outsiders can never comprehend the issue and offer the real solution even all the details are given.

However men are men. They have their positions and sometimes they are meant for letting the women down. Maybe the same the other way around. Why we keep getting intimidated, frustrated, disappointed when two people are just too hard to walk in same rythem and steps? Why bother keep trying to make changes, to change the other one, when we know a person can't really change unless the force comes from himself? Are we selfish or two people just simply should walk apart? When you fight too much over little and bigger things, is there any time and space for some normal conversations and life?

Thus you can either forget about changing the other one and be happy about where you are or save the energy of changing the current one for meeting another that needs less change.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

They are on journey

Does it seem to you that everybody's on summer vacation or planning to go on one. I am not talking about going to Suomen Tivoli, gathering for a Grill night, heading to Pori Jazz, or go sailing. In fact I am refering to --

Dad is on business/leisure trip to Taiwan(considring all political and practical obstacles in last half century, this trip could only be emotional but yet exciting);
A friend's been in Rome for one week and is enjoying the rest of the week in Dublin with her love(nothing else but romance that is);
Parents of a friend is flying to Miami beach in a day or two(Finnish just love the greatest beaches in the world... Spain, Greece, Portugal, Miami, what about Austrailia?)

Then look at how and where I HAVE BEEN lately--

  • Several of us have become movie freeks in last one month. After made a rough list of movies we'd watched, we agreed that one more movie could make us all throw up. It's like eating or drinking too much too fast. Worse than hangover.
  • Lack of interests in making food, so no food, but snacks, sämpylä, fruits and soda
  • House is messy and untidy. Carpet and blankets were expected to be washed.
  • Got tanned. I mean it!

and what I have for rest of summer-

  • Got travelling plans? Er..not really. Definate desitinations?Er...coming up. Times of travel? Er...I shall see.
  • Should keep a relaxed timetable, which means no alarm clock, no emergency work-related calls, and ... no plans?
  • Or more tanned?

OK no worries no panic everything's under control. Oh wait a second, don't I have to start premilinary work for my thesis project and have something ready by mid-August? Oh N0, that's the plan?!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

I bought a teenage phone

They lauged that I bought a phone that is targeted at 'young' people, mostly teenagers. Ok I didn't first want to buy Nokia 3220, instead I thought Siemens CX70 has pretty cool features, camera and large memory. Ok I didn't really spend time in comparing, reading reveals and all that. Ok I just needed a phone and now I have one.

It has rather small screen, but the design is unique and the keyboard gives the comforbility and touch. Although it's an about-one-year-old model, I can't keep my hands off it. I tried to record audio and vedio stuff, but the memory is basically too small to have all appli or downloads as I wish. Well every phone has its pros and cons, the 128 euro price could balance its limitations I suppose?

Bad luck didn't stop on the incident on the DC. It followed by completely-out-of-use phone, broken water tap in toilet, then what? a repearted line said in movie Collateral "Well sh*t happens (right), gotta roll with it!"

Will have my summer holiday beginning at Aug., or can I even call it as holiday? But you know when you don't need to go to work every morning, when you have a whole day to figure out what to do, when at the end of day you feel you did probably just nothing (again), etc. Kinda sad when here Aug. just feels more like autumn and absolutely isn't any extended warm weather.

Thinking to make some trips to Southern Finland on some weekends this month. Helsinki area, Tampere, something like that. Hopefully the sun keeps shining.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Mumbling has nothing to do with the photo.

My fingers, arms and shoulders are aching. The room is dirty and there is nothing to eat in the house. I am too tired to do anything right now. Even writing is troublesome. I wish all could have turned out better.

It scares me there is so much for other people to be happy about, but almost nothing for me. I know I have still feelings and senses, but nowadays I have no chance to talk to the loved or closed ones, as they just feel so far to reach.

Things are hard when there is no movement, change, plan or ideas. Things can be even harder when you don't have the motivation and final urge to make things happen. I feel I am living a life, instead letting whatever that comes lead me wherever.

We've watched lots of movies in past few weeks. That's the only entertainment I've had. Most of the movies didn't impress me in any way. On the other hand I don't feel like watching any that makes me think afterwards.