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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Poor camera

Yesterday I went to pick up the DC from a friend's place. I should say our DC since it belongs to four of us. We 'earned' it when switching our mobile network service provider together. We all know it's a poor one, but since it's not bought, we are all happy with its picture quality so far.

I forgot to take the camera out of my bag last night. So it stayed in the bag with my water bottle and all other stuff when I went to work. The lid of the bottle was loose then you can guess the rest-- yeah everything got wet and poor camera...

If water all over my bag is an accident due to my negligence then next thing I did was totally our of stupidity and innocence. I inserted batteries to see if the camera still works. After it got on for half second, it went off. If the camera turns out to be compeletely dead, my deadful action will get the blame.

Couldn't tell my friends yet. I decided to wait for a day or two before I do anything more stupid. The camera doesn't worth much, but the joint ownership makes the things complicated.

Pretty sure that the circuits inside got fried after my major mistake. And this kind of DC is not expected to handle this sort of damage.


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