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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Excure me for not updating the blog for a long time. Things are bit better with my Chinese blog, but not much. I spent very little time with PC after work. I chose to enjoy other activities and the Finnish summer as much as I can. It's basically too short.

Juhannus holiday starts from Friday. What is Juhannus? Literally 'Mid-Summer'. It is a traditional celebration of summer in Finland, which has religous history originally. You may want to google to find better explanation and more vivid story than I possibably can give. If I am correct, Juhannus is celebrated in all Scandinavian countries. About the bonfire (Kokko in Finnish), I still don't know what is meaning of it, warming the spirit perhaps?

To me and most of Finns, Juhannus is about summer cottages, being close to the nature, barbecueing, drinking (of course), sailing(if no rain or not too windy), etc.

Sailing reminds me of the drowning tragedies every Juhannus. I mean every year on Juhannus Day, there has to be news of drowning ppl dead found in xxx river. Drunk swimmers!

Anyhow wishes to all! Hauskaa Juhannusta! Have a nice Mid-Summer!


  • Finland and North Europe is strange to me relatively, Since Taiwanese are more familiar with American culture. Juhannus holiday sounds like the Taiwan Indigenous people's (Ai Ling Chi)矮靈祭.It's a kind of ceromony and hold once a year. In order to thank god for the harvest.They dance around the campfire and sing,of course drink. Another indigenous people in green island(綠島,a very small isle,close to east-south of Taiwan) also have ceromony like this. All the men lift the boat and sail on the sea, and all the women swing their long hair up and down in one line.

    By Blogger JimmyLai, at 6:08 AM GMT+3  

  • It's always nice to know about the culture stuff. Would be nice to experience all the cultures that we've heard and read about. :)

    By Blogger sideeyes, at 8:10 PM GMT+3  

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