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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A day for whom?

Children's day!

Since the first Children's Day after I came here, I haven't stop wondering why Children's Day is not celebrated here. As far as I can remember, I had every Children's Day before I turned 13. By 'had every Children's Day', I mean celebrations!

On 1 June, you have one-day off from school. The schools, district, or community you live in all have something wonderful prepared for the children - concerts, evenings, watching a movie, etc. Parents will take you where you have dreamed of for a long time - amusement park, zoo, or other. It just feels it is the best day of the year. You start the countdown two weeks earlier and wish the day would never end.

Ok Children's Day is for the children. Why adults like me keep a hold to it after all these years? Good question! I didn't see any my non-Chinese friends mention about it, so it must me, people like me who had too terrific Children's Day feelings and momeries. The feeling is the tricky thing. Somewhere between my childhood and adolescence, concepts of Children or Children's Day were secretly altered. I tend to think Children's Day is for everyone if he wants to or has a reason, a reason like to keep a childlike-heart.

Now I figure this is so wrong. We are not children, no matter how much we wish to think we are still one. We are neither children biologically nor physically. You can act or think as a child, but sorry you are just not one. You want to keep a childlike-heart right? Just go ahead but it has nothing to do with Children's Day. Have fun on any given day but not today. Plz quit going to congested parks, restaurants and toy stores when you know those are the places children love be on the special occation. Let them have all the space, shall we?


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