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Friday, June 10, 2005

Adult toys from where sex is still a very controlled subject

Shaki, an adult-toy manufacture located in Shenzhen China is said to be the first one in the field only after having received permits from 36 different authorities and departments a decade ago. What about now? Most products has sold to America, Europe and Japan, while Chinese domestic markets have opened up bit by bit.

As quoted from HS:

" It manufactures around 1,500 different products from butt plugs through love beads, dildos and vibrators for women and men alike, all the way to the blow-up "Sexy Sharon" doll and a comprehensive range of masks and restraint gear for bondage and S/M fans.

There are already believed to be around 8,000 sex-toy retailers in China, and the country has even started to arrange "adult health product" fairs.

The most promising prospects are in items for women, because in this male-oriented society the women do not find it easy to get satisfaction."

So the China sex toy revolution ha? Adult entertainment ? etc.


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