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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Poor camera

Yesterday I went to pick up the DC from a friend's place. I should say our DC since it belongs to four of us. We 'earned' it when switching our mobile network service provider together. We all know it's a poor one, but since it's not bought, we are all happy with its picture quality so far.

I forgot to take the camera out of my bag last night. So it stayed in the bag with my water bottle and all other stuff when I went to work. The lid of the bottle was loose then you can guess the rest-- yeah everything got wet and poor camera...

If water all over my bag is an accident due to my negligence then next thing I did was totally our of stupidity and innocence. I inserted batteries to see if the camera still works. After it got on for half second, it went off. If the camera turns out to be compeletely dead, my deadful action will get the blame.

Couldn't tell my friends yet. I decided to wait for a day or two before I do anything more stupid. The camera doesn't worth much, but the joint ownership makes the things complicated.

Pretty sure that the circuits inside got fried after my major mistake. And this kind of DC is not expected to handle this sort of damage.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Excure me for not updating the blog for a long time. Things are bit better with my Chinese blog, but not much. I spent very little time with PC after work. I chose to enjoy other activities and the Finnish summer as much as I can. It's basically too short.

Juhannus holiday starts from Friday. What is Juhannus? Literally 'Mid-Summer'. It is a traditional celebration of summer in Finland, which has religous history originally. You may want to google to find better explanation and more vivid story than I possibably can give. If I am correct, Juhannus is celebrated in all Scandinavian countries. About the bonfire (Kokko in Finnish), I still don't know what is meaning of it, warming the spirit perhaps?

To me and most of Finns, Juhannus is about summer cottages, being close to the nature, barbecueing, drinking (of course), sailing(if no rain or not too windy), etc.

Sailing reminds me of the drowning tragedies every Juhannus. I mean every year on Juhannus Day, there has to be news of drowning ppl dead found in xxx river. Drunk swimmers!

Anyhow wishes to all! Hauskaa Juhannusta! Have a nice Mid-Summer!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Adult toys from where sex is still a very controlled subject

Shaki, an adult-toy manufacture located in Shenzhen China is said to be the first one in the field only after having received permits from 36 different authorities and departments a decade ago. What about now? Most products has sold to America, Europe and Japan, while Chinese domestic markets have opened up bit by bit.

As quoted from HS:

" It manufactures around 1,500 different products from butt plugs through love beads, dildos and vibrators for women and men alike, all the way to the blow-up "Sexy Sharon" doll and a comprehensive range of masks and restraint gear for bondage and S/M fans.

There are already believed to be around 8,000 sex-toy retailers in China, and the country has even started to arrange "adult health product" fairs.

The most promising prospects are in items for women, because in this male-oriented society the women do not find it easy to get satisfaction."

So the China sex toy revolution ha? Adult entertainment ? etc.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Oh here comes the interview!

This time of tomorrow I'll probably be feeling what people usually feel about a job interview. So why do I need an another job when I have one secured? Well you see, it's always hard to refuse to go a interview. Secondly software house is always one of career parths I am looking for, so to speak, disregard my real ability in software development (what a direct reveal)!

Program tester is the job position. The worst thing is that I don't recall when exactly I applied for this job. I do remember the company and applying, but I couldn't be sure of the details of the job requirement in the ad or even the ad was in Finnish or English. Bloody Hell! I know I know it's silly not to keep a record of the positions you have applied, dumb! K, here am I heading to a company which is located in another town and about which I hardly know anything about.

So far I have some research on the firm and their products, and shaked up a bit my knowledge on testing, extreme programming, etc. However it doesn't provide me much confidence or readiness on the night before the job test. Oh mine!

Heard there are sample interview and test questions used by big coporations, like IBM and Cisco. Something like this, probably?

There are 3 lights (in one room) and 3 swtiches (in another room), one for each, if you only enter into the light room once. How can you find out which switch corresponds to which light?

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A day for whom?

Children's day!

Since the first Children's Day after I came here, I haven't stop wondering why Children's Day is not celebrated here. As far as I can remember, I had every Children's Day before I turned 13. By 'had every Children's Day', I mean celebrations!

On 1 June, you have one-day off from school. The schools, district, or community you live in all have something wonderful prepared for the children - concerts, evenings, watching a movie, etc. Parents will take you where you have dreamed of for a long time - amusement park, zoo, or other. It just feels it is the best day of the year. You start the countdown two weeks earlier and wish the day would never end.

Ok Children's Day is for the children. Why adults like me keep a hold to it after all these years? Good question! I didn't see any my non-Chinese friends mention about it, so it must me, people like me who had too terrific Children's Day feelings and momeries. The feeling is the tricky thing. Somewhere between my childhood and adolescence, concepts of Children or Children's Day were secretly altered. I tend to think Children's Day is for everyone if he wants to or has a reason, a reason like to keep a childlike-heart.

Now I figure this is so wrong. We are not children, no matter how much we wish to think we are still one. We are neither children biologically nor physically. You can act or think as a child, but sorry you are just not one. You want to keep a childlike-heart right? Just go ahead but it has nothing to do with Children's Day. Have fun on any given day but not today. Plz quit going to congested parks, restaurants and toy stores when you know those are the places children love be on the special occation. Let them have all the space, shall we?