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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Why the hard way?

I am not so good at making shortcuts. That doesn't mean I don't try to use intelligence (if any) to find out which way is faster, quicker or more pleasant. Methods and techniques are important no matter what you do. Sometimes the good methods and techniques can win you a big score.

Or shortcuts could be even better. For example, two guys went to college to study business. One is determined to set his foot in the field after some years of hard study. He is ready to start his career at the low point. The other one is less determined to the study thing and just entered the college with minimum requirements. But he wants a great career as bad as everyone else. He figured the degree is good, but walking out the college without it wouldn't hurt much if a golden chance helped him skip all the books, learning, exams and reports. Then the opportunity came along, supposing it's the rise of E-commerce or online bidding, or whatever. Ok. The second guy took the chance, dropped out of the college and started a business. The busines went well and continued growing. Our first guy kept all the way to the graduatioon. He sought for jobs, and of course he started at the low level as he had expected. He found a vocational school kid with few years of experience his manager. He found his excellent acedemic records didn't help him that much in the real world. He got to learn from everyone else, including those who is "worse" than him at classrooms.

By picturing this scenario, I don't intend to make comparison between having a degree or without a degree. Obviously you need to have a degree, the higher the better, in a way. I either comparing entrepreneship with being employed. That'd be pointless.

I mean there are lots of shortcuts in life, noticed or unnoticed, recognized or unrecognized. For example in the scenario, supposing the first guy has the equal entrepreneship and leadship skills. He just would no way drop his studies to start the business. That's not the right path he's planned for. To him the other way is just not right.

I started my thesis work and it is a hard one considering the project is to end in few months. The guys who I work with in the same training project will continue working on the current project and make their thesis out of it. I mean come on, three guys make a thesis out of almost nothing left project? Do a research how the training program has gone so far? Errhhhhh........ I am not judging. It's personal interest and chances that come along. Well it is for sure a easy thesis work for three 4th-year students.

For certain things, I have to look for the best methods and techniques. It's stupid to waste time and resources.
For some things, there are always shortcuts and foreseen glory.
For certain things, I go for the harder way.
For some things, the journey is more fun than the outcome?!


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