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Saturday, May 07, 2005

When there is only Hocky

I like hocky only once a year! That means I either am a hocky fan nor understand the sport that much. But that doesn't stop me being excited and screaming with the Finns when watching Icehocky World Championship.

Finland-USA game finished with final score 4-4. I almost became upset when US made their 2nd and 3rd goal. If Finland had lost the game with 1-3, it would become Finland's worst MM performance. This is Icehocky so anything can happen just a matter of second. When Hagman helped Finnish team turn to 2-3, it happened just after US made their 3rd goal. Then FInland made the score 3-3 with powerplay. 4th goal that Jarkko Ruutu was dramatic and amazing. We all shouted 'Suomi Suomi Hienoa!'

4-4 came with too much luck. Well it so looked like a foot-kicking goal but it got accepted so it was there. Damn that was at 19th minutes of 3rd period.

When Icehocky is one of the few sports the whole country (Finland) is excited about, I have to and need to go along with it. So good for you if you are from a big sports country; if you have sports channels of soccer, baseball, football, basketball to watch; if you may divide your interests, resources, mental stength among tennis, swimming, track&field, badpington...

Here in Finland I learned to enjoy Hocky, F1 and Ski Juming. I allow myself indulge into one thing at the time. Lose or win, fail or suceed. You know there is no weak team and there is no better sport.


  • Do they have F1 race in Finland, if they organize then I would go an see.

    Ice hockey seems to be good, though we have lot of normal(grass) hockey in our country.

    By Blogger greensatya, at 12:08 PM GMT+3  

  • What do you mean by "Do they have F1 race in Finland"? There is only one F1 in the world. There are many stops in a season. The stops are like Brazil, Japan, Malaysia, Spain, and so on. I haven't seen Finland stop yet. Weather in Finland is not up for that I think. F1 is hot topic because there are and have been very good Finnish drivers, currently like Kimi Räikkönen. Plus he is often on frontpage of Iltasanomat.

    By Blogger sideeyes, at 1:10 PM GMT+3  

  • Yeah that one I was asking, Finland stop. Well it occured to me after yesterday Kimi won the Spanish GP.

    By Blogger greensatya, at 4:02 PM GMT+3  

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