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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Thinking of moving

I came across some really interesting blogs. Some of them are foreigners living currently in China. They blog in Chinese as well as English or their mother tongue. I just can't read the blogs without being amazed at their Chinese skills. For example 超级老外的blog, or 出语不俗

I can't know about their oral skills, but hell it is definately something if they can 'write' Chinese in computer format after that's say, four or five or sever years. That means they know Pin Yin very well, 'caz I believe they use some sort of Pin Yin input tool. Their Chinese expression seems already quite down to earth for I can feel the humour between lines. Then that's something too.

Think of myself. I can't imagine myself put out one single blog in Finnish in near future. Yeah I can speak but writing? No thanks, someone who knows the language will be terrified. It reveals how poor I've learned the fundamental language rules. So I guess in some sense it's definately easy to learn Chinese than Finnish. After some years, you may still talk Chinese sounding like your mother tougue, but it can't be that hard to talk 30 minutes with no obvious language mistakes.

I am rather inactive with my updating now. One big reason is that I've been thinking of change. Blogspot's been banned in China since 2003 (for god's sake why didn't I check things out before I registered with blogspot?) All friends that resident in China aren't able to access my site unless they try anonymously. I can't ask them for taking all the trouble because 1) who likes complications when reading blogs... and redirecting :S. 2) anonymous proxy service is unstable sometimes 3) ...

I probably will set up a weblog using a more flexible and customized service. Then again I am lazy lazy person when it comes to customization. That's why I become less and less creative. I don't quite like msn space. Any good suggestions YOU? blog-city?live journal? or rather WordPress?

Well, we'll see.


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