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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Mature or not

When I say 'kids', generally I mean those who still live at home and go to school (ha that seems to cover many), those who seems to know pretty much everything, and act like they are more than anyone can see. They are moody and troubled with number of things.

I am wondering if the world is really too much for the kids to take and cope with? Frankly I am kinda scared to see some couldn't care less about their behaviour and the consequences. I don't mean every kid, of course not. A doctor in China told me that many teenage girls come to gynaecology department to do daily check nowadays, without company of parents, instead classmates. They don't find it big deal but actually see it as a fun visit. When they are asked opinions on under-age sex, they replied "everyone's own will, everyone's happy!" There is actually nothing wrong right? This is a free world, you act as you wish and ideally nobody are forceed into things. They at least know to go to hospital when they want to be examined. Not sure if they will be in as relaxed and fun mood as usual when things really fall apart right in front of eyes? Would they be panic, depressed, go for help, or take it part of life?

Perhaps I shouldn't bother... It's the growing up thing, it's the embracing the new ideas and freeing your mind thing. I can understand here teenagers have open opinions about sex, smoking, etc. 'caz they've got the educaiton and influence. They have the knowledge and they act on their belief and responsibility (again of course not everyone). That's totoally fine. But hell, in China, the modernized sometimes almost too western but still China country, I just can't imagine "everyone's own will, everyone's happy!" attitude becoming more and more popular among the teens. Could it? Who's gonna hurt then?

Scientists will calm me down with theory like this --

According to many recent studies, teen brains really are unique (see interactive graphic). Though many brain areas mature during childhood, other mature later, such as the frontal and parietal lobes, responsible for planning and self-control.

----New Scientists

So it's fine. Their brains will grow up one day. They will eventually become one of us, adult. And in fact, are we mature completely? We are moody, uneasy, and don't always think of consequences. So is it so that part of our brains will never fully mature? Are we partly kids then? Haha, what a range of rootless questions.


  • 在台灣也有這種現象,發生性行為的平均年紀越來越小,有些小朋友卻不以為意。偷偷跑去墮胎的也不在少數。所以現在國小差不多五六年級就要宣導一些健康教育,教導一些對自己和別人負責任的態度。

    By Blogger JimmyLai, at 6:07 AM GMT+3  

  • 说的很是啊。其实孩子也有一定的判断和决断能力,这里的芬兰年轻人对于性的确很open,不过没有乱套的感觉,没有那些什么金钱,权力,利益,爱情及性乱套的,什么都相对来得纯粹些。

    By Blogger sideeyes, at 8:21 PM GMT+3  

  • When I think about all that kind of stuff that you wrote about, my brain hurts (not literally)! I like to think about those kinds of topics also, and ask similar questions that you do. I also have to ask, what the difference is between the male and female brain in terms of maturity because frankly... I reallly wonder about that! ;) Good blogging, by the way.

    By Blogger chocokat0718, at 10:38 PM GMT+3  

  • By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:38 AM GMT+3  

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