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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Lapland has been suffering from floods caused by snow melting and rain for weeks. Many areas and towns in Lapland have been seriously effected. People were evacuated from the homes to hotels and other safety places. See Kiittilä and Ivalo and more.

There is a rather small population living in Lapland, and I don't personally have friends living up there. However years ago I lived in a small village but actually a huge ski center -
Levi, which is beside Kittilä town. It was nice experience indeed especially the landscape is so unique from other parts of Finland and people are extrmely friendly.

Lapland is overed with many long rivers and large areas of forests. I heard during the weekend the situation has stablized - river level has gown down in some areas. Hopefully the aging flood barriers can be rebuilt to safeguard the people there now and in the future and most of all damanges can be minimized at greatest efforts.


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