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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

End or a begining

Again I have been lazy updating the page. It seems many things have happened, but then it feels no visible changes really.

I've been reading for my last exam. Last exam for the degree, but can't say last one of life. The final course project which I had spent much time and efforts didn't seem to gain much positive comments from the teacher. That susked. Ok I realized we did miss out one of the important part. But that didn't mean we hadn't looked into it and tried to dig something out. For god's sake, I didn't defend myself at the end of the presentation. I am tired of his Ph.D sh*t. He never gave positive comments even if our work and thoughts deserved, not mention when we are completely out of his track of thinking.

Glad that I didn't contact him to be my directing teacher for my final work. I thought he was an expert in all areas- GUI, programming, system design, software development, project work, etc. Maybe he truly is one of those experts, but I never want to work with a person who plays only by the book and theory. Right?

Glad this is all gonna end. An end leads to the begining of other things? People behave and talk happily as if the best is yet to come. People are actively engaged into current business as if every tomorrow has a terrific plan waiting. People graduate, move away or move back, got fired or hired, split or rejoin... every single thing can be an end and a start at the same time, depending how you see it, rephrase -> how I see it.

I feel crappy, so I see everything is gonna end.


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