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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bicycle ride

Do you remember when you first learned to ride bicycle? When I leared to ride it, I was no longer a little kid. My first bicycle was already 26 inch one. You know, it often goes that way that the child crashes to the trees or something when he realizes his dad is no more holding the seat. It never happened to me probably because I had seen it and pictured it in my head many times. When my dad let me go alone with the bicycle I was just relieved and joyful, no panic or fears.
Well I read from web that some smart people invented a tricycle kind like a bicycle. The main idea, as quoted here
it slowly transforms from a tricycle to bicycle configuration as the rider pedals faster, then returns to trike formation as the rider slows down."
I skipped all the technical details and totally was attracted to the apperance of the invention, called "Shift". I wonder how it really feels to ride especailly for the bicycling beginners.


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