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Monday, May 23, 2005

Airspace violations not considered a provocation?

Call me a fool, but I just don't understand how could Russian violations of Finnish airspace around 10 times in last 6 month hasn't been taken as issues by Finnish government.

"Speaking in Parliament on Friday, Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen (centre) clarified that recent Russian violations of Finnish airspace have not been handled as provocative actions by the government. He added that the violations had not infringed on the airspace of the demilitarised Åland Islands. "

"According to Mr Vanhanen, the Russian authorities have been approached regarding the violations, but no official response has yet been offered."

It's also stated that the violations are seens as partly unintentional. What's that supposed to mean? Isn't airspace violation a serious matter no matter how frequently they are or are they accidental or intentional? If Russian government hasn't given official response to Finnish government's notification, so to speak, what does that say?
I don't know if Finnish media reported this earlier (I suppose not). I wish somebody could share out opinions on this. Maybe some knowledge of airspace infringement would help.


  • Maybe all the pilots have a bit too much vodka before flying...

    By Blogger Æmilius, at 7:29 PM GMT+3  

  • It's not considered a provocation, because it was done by Russia.

    You can't judge Russia by normal rules, because Russia is essentially a powerful neighbourhood bully who has created his own rules. It's simply better to ignore Russia's occasional slaps than stand up and get your ass kicked for real.

    Not so long ago, this kind of news would have never even been published in fear of damaging relations with the Russians.

    No, it's not fair, but what can you do?

    By Anonymous ana, at 8:30 PM GMT+3  

  • Well I still help questioning. Ok, Finland is a rather tiny country in terms of military and national-defence. Not making it a political issue probably is a wise thing to do.... But since it has gone to Finnish media, do the public allow the igonorance? Maybe they do.

    The end result will probably be nothing...

    By Blogger sideeyes, at 3:08 PM GMT+3  

  • The Finnish public certainly doesn't like these violations, especially since they were done by Russia. However, people are traditionally content with standing government's ability to deal with most political situations and thus there isn't a need for the people to voice their opinion directly.

    You're probably right about the end result. At most the frequency of these violations will decrease, but I very much doubt they'll end completely.

    By Anonymous ana, at 5:52 PM GMT+3  

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