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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

18.5 Part 2

It's getting late I know. But the sky is bright, just like the time of sunset.

It took me 2 hours to finish my exam paper. It was hard to concerntrate to give the best shot in the exam room. Maybe something about the hot air or the uninteresting girl on my left-hand side writing with a purple pen on her maturity text paper. One thing I am sure about. My memory is no more at its best time. I keep forgetting things pretty easily and fast. Should I do something about it? Should I worry at all? After I got out from the exam, I just realized there were only 2 or 3 ppl left in the room. Well, I didn't get the chance to say 'Have a nice summer vacation!' to the guys. We have only had one course together, but still, the Chinese 师弟师妹们 kinda think how great and competent I am, expecting me to pass experience of all kinds. God knows the best...

Finnish course ended today in the way that all of us sitting around the round table, drinking coffee/tea/water, eating cakes and talking Finnish. See? We were talking Finnish not studying Finnish this time. Yeah free talk really. The Brazilian lady always seems to have a lot to share. Her problem is that her spoken Finnish is far behind her listening and reading skills imo. She failed to form compelete sentences, although she tried to use the right cases. Usually I couldn't understand her completely whereas our teacher Teija seems to understand everyone's poorly-structured sentences or poorly-pronounced words. Native is native. They just know and sense it all.

Anyways, I didn't talk that much. First I didn't have that much to say because I think slowly in Finnish. Second I am less talkative when others tend to do the talking. I was asked to tell something about my family, cause we didn't conversate much about our private lives at classes. I told about my parents. It was so uninteresting for me but for the listeners I guess it's always something fresh. I didn't give much opinion on what we wish to have on next Autumn's course. Seriously I don't know what I want to have. Today my head is totally jammed and can't think straight. I hope I didn't say anything stupid today to anybody. HIHI, ME!

This post's taken me more than half an hour! Can you believe that? I always come to blog when I can't think right.


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