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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Yeah that's better. Why would I always fix a title for each blog? No I don't need to. If there is no central idea in it just like most of my posts, title can be discarded.

Yesterday my friends having other ISP didn't seem to have the msn problem. Was it because of Sonera again? Even on fast Ethernet, same thing? Can't figure out... Anyways that's about it.

In a hour, I am heading for the exam, followed by little talk with my superwiser. Then I'll head back to Kemi for my last 2 hours of Finnish course of this spring. Wife of one of the classmates promised to make cake for the class on the last day of the study. How sweet! I am not big fan of cream cake really, but the moment of having it with people is sweet and enjoyable. "Cake goes well only with coffee!" Everyone says so. Well, I insist in having my fruit tea instead :D

I like all kinds of pies, salmon pies, blueberry and peach pies for example, but karjalanpiirakka is the Finnish special thus my favourate!

OK. Time for lunch! Blog more later.


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