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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Lapland has been suffering from floods caused by snow melting and rain for weeks. Many areas and towns in Lapland have been seriously effected. People were evacuated from the homes to hotels and other safety places. See Kiittilä and Ivalo and more.

There is a rather small population living in Lapland, and I don't personally have friends living up there. However years ago I lived in a small village but actually a huge ski center -
Levi, which is beside Kittilä town. It was nice experience indeed especially the landscape is so unique from other parts of Finland and people are extrmely friendly.

Lapland is overed with many long rivers and large areas of forests. I heard during the weekend the situation has stablized - river level has gown down in some areas. Hopefully the aging flood barriers can be rebuilt to safeguard the people there now and in the future and most of all damanges can be minimized at greatest efforts.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Why the hard way?

I am not so good at making shortcuts. That doesn't mean I don't try to use intelligence (if any) to find out which way is faster, quicker or more pleasant. Methods and techniques are important no matter what you do. Sometimes the good methods and techniques can win you a big score.

Or shortcuts could be even better. For example, two guys went to college to study business. One is determined to set his foot in the field after some years of hard study. He is ready to start his career at the low point. The other one is less determined to the study thing and just entered the college with minimum requirements. But he wants a great career as bad as everyone else. He figured the degree is good, but walking out the college without it wouldn't hurt much if a golden chance helped him skip all the books, learning, exams and reports. Then the opportunity came along, supposing it's the rise of E-commerce or online bidding, or whatever. Ok. The second guy took the chance, dropped out of the college and started a business. The busines went well and continued growing. Our first guy kept all the way to the graduatioon. He sought for jobs, and of course he started at the low level as he had expected. He found a vocational school kid with few years of experience his manager. He found his excellent acedemic records didn't help him that much in the real world. He got to learn from everyone else, including those who is "worse" than him at classrooms.

By picturing this scenario, I don't intend to make comparison between having a degree or without a degree. Obviously you need to have a degree, the higher the better, in a way. I either comparing entrepreneship with being employed. That'd be pointless.

I mean there are lots of shortcuts in life, noticed or unnoticed, recognized or unrecognized. For example in the scenario, supposing the first guy has the equal entrepreneship and leadship skills. He just would no way drop his studies to start the business. That's not the right path he's planned for. To him the other way is just not right.

I started my thesis work and it is a hard one considering the project is to end in few months. The guys who I work with in the same training project will continue working on the current project and make their thesis out of it. I mean come on, three guys make a thesis out of almost nothing left project? Do a research how the training program has gone so far? Errhhhhh........ I am not judging. It's personal interest and chances that come along. Well it is for sure a easy thesis work for three 4th-year students.

For certain things, I have to look for the best methods and techniques. It's stupid to waste time and resources.
For some things, there are always shortcuts and foreseen glory.
For certain things, I go for the harder way.
For some things, the journey is more fun than the outcome?!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Mature or not

When I say 'kids', generally I mean those who still live at home and go to school (ha that seems to cover many), those who seems to know pretty much everything, and act like they are more than anyone can see. They are moody and troubled with number of things.

I am wondering if the world is really too much for the kids to take and cope with? Frankly I am kinda scared to see some couldn't care less about their behaviour and the consequences. I don't mean every kid, of course not. A doctor in China told me that many teenage girls come to gynaecology department to do daily check nowadays, without company of parents, instead classmates. They don't find it big deal but actually see it as a fun visit. When they are asked opinions on under-age sex, they replied "everyone's own will, everyone's happy!" There is actually nothing wrong right? This is a free world, you act as you wish and ideally nobody are forceed into things. They at least know to go to hospital when they want to be examined. Not sure if they will be in as relaxed and fun mood as usual when things really fall apart right in front of eyes? Would they be panic, depressed, go for help, or take it part of life?

Perhaps I shouldn't bother... It's the growing up thing, it's the embracing the new ideas and freeing your mind thing. I can understand here teenagers have open opinions about sex, smoking, etc. 'caz they've got the educaiton and influence. They have the knowledge and they act on their belief and responsibility (again of course not everyone). That's totoally fine. But hell, in China, the modernized sometimes almost too western but still China country, I just can't imagine "everyone's own will, everyone's happy!" attitude becoming more and more popular among the teens. Could it? Who's gonna hurt then?

Scientists will calm me down with theory like this --

According to many recent studies, teen brains really are unique (see interactive graphic). Though many brain areas mature during childhood, other mature later, such as the frontal and parietal lobes, responsible for planning and self-control.

----New Scientists

So it's fine. Their brains will grow up one day. They will eventually become one of us, adult. And in fact, are we mature completely? We are moody, uneasy, and don't always think of consequences. So is it so that part of our brains will never fully mature? Are we partly kids then? Haha, what a range of rootless questions.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Airspace violations not considered a provocation?

Call me a fool, but I just don't understand how could Russian violations of Finnish airspace around 10 times in last 6 month hasn't been taken as issues by Finnish government.

"Speaking in Parliament on Friday, Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen (centre) clarified that recent Russian violations of Finnish airspace have not been handled as provocative actions by the government. He added that the violations had not infringed on the airspace of the demilitarised Åland Islands. "

"According to Mr Vanhanen, the Russian authorities have been approached regarding the violations, but no official response has yet been offered."

It's also stated that the violations are seens as partly unintentional. What's that supposed to mean? Isn't airspace violation a serious matter no matter how frequently they are or are they accidental or intentional? If Russian government hasn't given official response to Finnish government's notification, so to speak, what does that say?
I don't know if Finnish media reported this earlier (I suppose not). I wish somebody could share out opinions on this. Maybe some knowledge of airspace infringement would help.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Star War name

Everybody is talking about Star War. Yesterday on TV, a electronic musician group did a live mix based on the Star War theme. That was not bad actually. Me as a person who hasn't got the chance to go to theatre to watch it, keep wondering is it really worth the wait? Nevertheless, the first thing I did before starting today's work, was to generate a Star War name for myself ---

IMO, the name is so uncreative, it basically took part of my first name, last name and birthcity. Yeah I know this is absurd, just like I was curious about my non-existing Korean names and Mexican names.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

18.5 Part 2

It's getting late I know. But the sky is bright, just like the time of sunset.

It took me 2 hours to finish my exam paper. It was hard to concerntrate to give the best shot in the exam room. Maybe something about the hot air or the uninteresting girl on my left-hand side writing with a purple pen on her maturity text paper. One thing I am sure about. My memory is no more at its best time. I keep forgetting things pretty easily and fast. Should I do something about it? Should I worry at all? After I got out from the exam, I just realized there were only 2 or 3 ppl left in the room. Well, I didn't get the chance to say 'Have a nice summer vacation!' to the guys. We have only had one course together, but still, the Chinese 师弟师妹们 kinda think how great and competent I am, expecting me to pass experience of all kinds. God knows the best...

Finnish course ended today in the way that all of us sitting around the round table, drinking coffee/tea/water, eating cakes and talking Finnish. See? We were talking Finnish not studying Finnish this time. Yeah free talk really. The Brazilian lady always seems to have a lot to share. Her problem is that her spoken Finnish is far behind her listening and reading skills imo. She failed to form compelete sentences, although she tried to use the right cases. Usually I couldn't understand her completely whereas our teacher Teija seems to understand everyone's poorly-structured sentences or poorly-pronounced words. Native is native. They just know and sense it all.

Anyways, I didn't talk that much. First I didn't have that much to say because I think slowly in Finnish. Second I am less talkative when others tend to do the talking. I was asked to tell something about my family, cause we didn't conversate much about our private lives at classes. I told about my parents. It was so uninteresting for me but for the listeners I guess it's always something fresh. I didn't give much opinion on what we wish to have on next Autumn's course. Seriously I don't know what I want to have. Today my head is totally jammed and can't think straight. I hope I didn't say anything stupid today to anybody. HIHI, ME!

This post's taken me more than half an hour! Can you believe that? I always come to blog when I can't think right.


Yeah that's better. Why would I always fix a title for each blog? No I don't need to. If there is no central idea in it just like most of my posts, title can be discarded.

Yesterday my friends having other ISP didn't seem to have the msn problem. Was it because of Sonera again? Even on fast Ethernet, same thing? Can't figure out... Anyways that's about it.

In a hour, I am heading for the exam, followed by little talk with my superwiser. Then I'll head back to Kemi for my last 2 hours of Finnish course of this spring. Wife of one of the classmates promised to make cake for the class on the last day of the study. How sweet! I am not big fan of cream cake really, but the moment of having it with people is sweet and enjoyable. "Cake goes well only with coffee!" Everyone says so. Well, I insist in having my fruit tea instead :D

I like all kinds of pies, salmon pies, blueberry and peach pies for example, but karjalanpiirakka is the Finnish special thus my favourate!

OK. Time for lunch! Blog more later.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Msn server is down today? And I have problems with creating new posts by email too, here with blogger. Can't post pics.

What a day!

End or a begining

Again I have been lazy updating the page. It seems many things have happened, but then it feels no visible changes really.

I've been reading for my last exam. Last exam for the degree, but can't say last one of life. The final course project which I had spent much time and efforts didn't seem to gain much positive comments from the teacher. That susked. Ok I realized we did miss out one of the important part. But that didn't mean we hadn't looked into it and tried to dig something out. For god's sake, I didn't defend myself at the end of the presentation. I am tired of his Ph.D sh*t. He never gave positive comments even if our work and thoughts deserved, not mention when we are completely out of his track of thinking.

Glad that I didn't contact him to be my directing teacher for my final work. I thought he was an expert in all areas- GUI, programming, system design, software development, project work, etc. Maybe he truly is one of those experts, but I never want to work with a person who plays only by the book and theory. Right?

Glad this is all gonna end. An end leads to the begining of other things? People behave and talk happily as if the best is yet to come. People are actively engaged into current business as if every tomorrow has a terrific plan waiting. People graduate, move away or move back, got fired or hired, split or rejoin... every single thing can be an end and a start at the same time, depending how you see it, rephrase -> how I see it.

I feel crappy, so I see everything is gonna end.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bicycle ride

Do you remember when you first learned to ride bicycle? When I leared to ride it, I was no longer a little kid. My first bicycle was already 26 inch one. You know, it often goes that way that the child crashes to the trees or something when he realizes his dad is no more holding the seat. It never happened to me probably because I had seen it and pictured it in my head many times. When my dad let me go alone with the bicycle I was just relieved and joyful, no panic or fears.
Well I read from web that some smart people invented a tricycle kind like a bicycle. The main idea, as quoted here
it slowly transforms from a tricycle to bicycle configuration as the rider pedals faster, then returns to trike formation as the rider slows down."
I skipped all the technical details and totally was attracted to the apperance of the invention, called "Shift". I wonder how it really feels to ride especailly for the bicycling beginners.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

When there is only Hocky

I like hocky only once a year! That means I either am a hocky fan nor understand the sport that much. But that doesn't stop me being excited and screaming with the Finns when watching Icehocky World Championship.

Finland-USA game finished with final score 4-4. I almost became upset when US made their 2nd and 3rd goal. If Finland had lost the game with 1-3, it would become Finland's worst MM performance. This is Icehocky so anything can happen just a matter of second. When Hagman helped Finnish team turn to 2-3, it happened just after US made their 3rd goal. Then FInland made the score 3-3 with powerplay. 4th goal that Jarkko Ruutu was dramatic and amazing. We all shouted 'Suomi Suomi Hienoa!'

4-4 came with too much luck. Well it so looked like a foot-kicking goal but it got accepted so it was there. Damn that was at 19th minutes of 3rd period.

When Icehocky is one of the few sports the whole country (Finland) is excited about, I have to and need to go along with it. So good for you if you are from a big sports country; if you have sports channels of soccer, baseball, football, basketball to watch; if you may divide your interests, resources, mental stength among tennis, swimming, track&field, badpington...

Here in Finland I learned to enjoy Hocky, F1 and Ski Juming. I allow myself indulge into one thing at the time. Lose or win, fail or suceed. You know there is no weak team and there is no better sport.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Thinking of moving

I came across some really interesting blogs. Some of them are foreigners living currently in China. They blog in Chinese as well as English or their mother tongue. I just can't read the blogs without being amazed at their Chinese skills. For example 超级老外的blog, or 出语不俗

I can't know about their oral skills, but hell it is definately something if they can 'write' Chinese in computer format after that's say, four or five or sever years. That means they know Pin Yin very well, 'caz I believe they use some sort of Pin Yin input tool. Their Chinese expression seems already quite down to earth for I can feel the humour between lines. Then that's something too.

Think of myself. I can't imagine myself put out one single blog in Finnish in near future. Yeah I can speak but writing? No thanks, someone who knows the language will be terrified. It reveals how poor I've learned the fundamental language rules. So I guess in some sense it's definately easy to learn Chinese than Finnish. After some years, you may still talk Chinese sounding like your mother tougue, but it can't be that hard to talk 30 minutes with no obvious language mistakes.

I am rather inactive with my updating now. One big reason is that I've been thinking of change. Blogspot's been banned in China since 2003 (for god's sake why didn't I check things out before I registered with blogspot?) All friends that resident in China aren't able to access my site unless they try anonymously. I can't ask them for taking all the trouble because 1) who likes complications when reading blogs... and redirecting :S. 2) anonymous proxy service is unstable sometimes 3) ...

I probably will set up a weblog using a more flexible and customized service. Then again I am lazy lazy person when it comes to customization. That's why I become less and less creative. I don't quite like msn space. Any good suggestions YOU? blog-city?live journal? or rather WordPress?

Well, we'll see.