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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Turn off your TV?!

356 days a year. I'll never be surprised to know yesterday, today or any day was given a meaning to. I love some of them, like bicycle day, fight cancer day, fight heart disease day, consumer day...oops didn't I just make some of them up? OK, you know what I mean.

I just came to acknowledge that there is a 'Turn off Your TV week', and it happened to be this week. Oh Yeah! There is a anti-TV network or some sort of organization that is said to help people to watch less TV. Plenty of web sites seem to be making the contributions to helping people shifting from TV to more interesting, healthy and valuable activites of life. I see...

Heard of TV-B-Gone?It looks like a key chain that acts as a TV remote control to turn off TVs in 7 meters to 17 meters. The maker claims that this tiny remote control can turn off more than 1000 TV models. Most of the TVs can be turned off in matter of seconds, few up to 69 seconds. Hmm, OK. Does it mean that I can hang it on my key chain and turn off every TV I see, for fun? Hmmm,thinking... Imagining myself turning off the TV in a sport club in middle of the game. It probably won't work until I tried few times. Good thing is that everybody'd think I am playing with my car key. Hmmm... still thinking...

Ok I probably don't get how much harm does TV do to our loverly children plus adults. Neither do I get how does this kind of compaign bring light to life. A remote control costs about £9 surely has some market potential. Or what? Point is this is busines.

"TV-B-Gone universal remote control turns off virtually any television! It's the ultimate jammer tool for reclaiming public space. It works at airports, bars, offices... any place that needs a break from the idiot box. Clarity of mind, one click at a time. " (quoted from adbuster)


  • 有一句俗語說"玩物喪志",或許看電視也算是這樣的情況。
    看電視看久了,其實或許該睡了,其實或許還有事情要作,但是抱持著些許的逃避心態,電視機還是開著,或許沒有什麼特別有趣的節目,然後就頻道一個個切過來或切過去。Waste more searching time than watching time.

    By Blogger JimmyLai, at 10:12 PM GMT+3  

  • i am bypassing the block using this site provided by soohk

    but sometime will hit timeout...not that stable...

    or u can look for 3party software that will do the same job...

    By Blogger leecs, at 9:21 AM GMT+3  

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