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Friday, April 08, 2005

'Sorry, but this board is currently unavailable...'

"Sorry, but this board is currently unavailable. Please try again later." One of my faviorate site says so. They should really change the service provider by now. Or maybe they are testing the new host right now? Well, am I a little too addicted to the site? I guess my fingers and subconsciousness are.

23.10 Friday night. Shouldn't it be a time to go to pub with friends? Shouldn't it be a time to have some quality time with your partner? Shouldn't you turn off the PC to do some pushups before going to bed? Well, hell, I must be living in neither normal nor healthy life then?

For a long time my body is resistent to achole. Beer is tastes sh*t and sider is too sweet. I thought I will be a wholy non-achole, like one of my best friends. She came from a quite religious family with a big religious network(I think so). They rarely watch TV and don't touch achole. Haven't seen my friend dating any one (probably one or two dates) really. I haven't had the courage to ask her why's that? Being religious means you don't entertain, you hold on your needs and desires? Religious is a sensitive to me not because I really think how sensitive the topic is, rather I don't know much about it. Thus there is nothing for me have opinions about. Then I guess we are not much good friends then. Maybe I should say we are not much the same people. But I never categorize people into groups, although people more or less the same, or at least share the shame category.

Started reading some blogs. It's truly entertaining. Definately another great means of interacting and communicating in addition to BBS. OK I will stop here cause I don't want to blah blah blah about how technology how Internet is great great great, bringing people together... I hate computer absolutely sometimes. I wrote a relative long blog the other day. It took forever to publish the post. I had to leave the office to catch my bus. I had to give it up since I had no time to look into it like how to recover my post all that!

Well, I guess it is just 'Sorry, longer post may take some time to publish, please wait...'


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