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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Sleep at the wrong places

Today I escaped. I went straight to Haparanda, Swe. after I got out of bed after 8.00 am. As usual I took the bus to the city. It was foggy and humid. Rain+wet snow started to fall. It seems that the sign of Spring has paused even though it is two weeks before Vappu. Like I spoke earlier I find this stuck between winter and spring feeling very unpleasant. Anyhow, I decided to enjoy my day.

There was only me on the bus until an old lady and a student-look girl got on the bus in an uptown area. I had my mp3 player with me with about 30 minutes play time (low battery). Now I realized it has been in my bag for days. I carried all sorts of stuff with my bag. ^^ My player must have got pressed or something. Anyway I leaned my head and started to sleep.

I feel sleepy always on bus, no matter how well or bad I slept at the previous night. I can fall asleep easily on bus even if the trip takes only 20 minutes. 20 minutes is long enough for me to have a quality nap. There is music playing, people mumbling, bus stopping and turning, people on and off. That all doesn't matter. I would just need to be careful not to pass my own stop. Sometimes I even think what if I passed my destination, I didn't wake up in time? Oh that wouldn't be a big deal I figured?! The bus will take me back since my bus ticket is valid for a month and there is no limits of times of travel during that time. The bus driver will be kind and tolerant on my silliness. :P

I sleep all the time at the wrong places, in my friends' cars and bus travels. There is something in them makes me feel peaceful. Maybe simplely the moving car, or the mild music, the sound of engine, view moving backwards? I've never been a driver so I can keep disclaiming "I love road trip".

Now the frequent bus travellers all have the image of me - sleeping girl, and probably would question "How the hell can she sleep everytime on bus? Didn't she get sleep at home?" Well, sleeping at home has become a nightmare. There is something about sleeping on bed makes me uneasy. "Are you stressed about something?" They tend to ask. Oh yeah like everyone I have weigh on shoulders, but so stressed that I've developed some disease? No I don't think so.

Maybe I should go to friends' place to sleep for few nights.


  • 搭公車最令人擔心的就是睡過站,不過顯然您練就一身好功夫,可以在公車上睡的渾然忘我。或許搭公車這段時間給你一種無比的舒適感,甚至比待在家裡更有那種鬆懈或是安心的感覺。


    By Blogger JimmyLai, at 5:55 AM GMT+3  

  • Anyways,今天没有在车上打瞌睡,可能是阳光明媚的缘故.今天老太太们找我说话,也许也是因为天气好心情好的缘故.这里安全惯了,不会被人强包夺项链,缺乏警惕性.
    have a nice weekend every1

    By Blogger sideeyes, at 11:42 AM GMT+3  

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