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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Playing field

I had an appointment on 13.30 and I didn't take any lunch with me. Since I will have the Finnish course till 18.00, I thought it would be crazy just to have an apple to fill myself. I had gloomy feeling for the whole morning. I walked into Hesburger to eat some 'junk food' to feel less gloomy. See? I am proved again to have some eating attitude problems. But junk food does make my day better, especially I'd go running for 20 minutes to ger ride of the fat and energy.

Ok back to where I was. I decided to take a Fishburger Meal. While waiting for the Fishburger, I eat my Frenchfriese and drank the Fanta. I noticed there were more than 10 kids (aged from 1 to 5) in the house and there were more coming inside. This hesburger is a 1-stored building and rather small. Its playing field was placed at one of the corners and kids are always fond of it. I don't see playing fields a problem at all. I mean kids likes to play pretty much whatever whenever. At home kids like playing when they are supposed to have meal. I don't know if that's the original idea of placing a playing field in a Hamburger chain store (by M's). Thus eventually kids come to Hamburger store to play, make some noises and make more noises with other kids, instead of eating. Business is always business. No doubt.

New surveys come to tell us junk food kills us. Kids are overweight because of too much unhealthy food. There is nothing new in those. Aren't there anything we don't know? For example something like in how early age a kid is taken to a hamburger restaunrant by parents?Is it the smell, look or actual taste of the burger plays the decisive factor, or the playing field, or the soda? I perosnally think the soda tastes great :P


  • 麥當勞的行銷手法可以說是相當的成功的,他利用廣告販賣幸福快樂的感覺,而不是廣告他的薯條漢堡是多麼好吃。




    By Blogger JimmyLai, at 10:52 AM GMT+3  

  • TRUE!你说的那个荡秋千广告我印象很深,小孩子的笑脸现在都还记得。芬兰本地也就是我提到的这个Hesburger很多地方妨校M记,广告自然没有M那么丰富而有创意,不过Children Meal和游乐圈是学得十足,而且还有儿童俱乐部。
    Fast food chain sells concept rather than the food itself. Oh well it goes probably the same way with most of the consumer goods.
    Sometimes I am somewhat glad to see children jump, run, cry, laugh, being naughty.
    I've read from somewhere that an adult laugh about 20 times perday whereas a child can laugh up to 100 times. I'm not here to make comparison, pointless to do so. But laugh吧,as mush as you feel like, chilren!

    By Blogger sideeyes, at 3:02 PM GMT+3  

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