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Saturday, April 30, 2005

No exception

So after long time without drinking, I took a beer with salmon on ruisleipää on Vapunaatto(May Eve). A friend of mine in Oulu told me they had already couple of drinks in a bar in the city center at noon. She asked my plans and I told "drink something eat something visit some peple watch some movie, all that. :D"

Oh right half an hour later will be the first Finland's game in Icehocky World Championship. More friends will come over with their drinks, party outfit and spirits. Hey wait, what am I celebrating for? May day, is never a big deal for me!
They laughed. -Hey you are in Finland right? Do you need a reason for celebration?
-Do you need an excure to drink?

I took another beer with these half-drunk crowd. I took a sip from a friend's cup. Yak, that was wired taste.
-What the hell did you mix up?
She looked at me and the crowd laughed like bunch of fools.
Ehrr... mikä porukka! (oh these people!):>


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