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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Life and Medicine

So after 15 years of treatment+suffering, Terri was cut out from life support. She left... I am not here to bring up any more debates. Actually I just realized how little I know about medicine, Western and Chinese medicine. I am intending to discuss about Teri's case cause there are just too many things involved: medicine, morality, legislation, religion, politicians too. Personally I think it's the time to let her go. The thing is who's the right to make such a decision? Husband has moved on with another woman having kids all that. Although in law he is still his husband, but in reality he's no long with Teri and Teri's best interests, or his best interests are rather not with Terri. But he still has the gardenship and responosibilities hasn't he? I disagree that some people say they starved Terri to death. If she was dignosied with brain death, which means real death, how could she die 2nd time? Well, the death has notations in different fields, normal definition, medical one and regigious one.

Well I don't know what I am trying to speak out. I think the central point is that I am glad they finally let her go. I don't know what the story reveals and what is the most controversal issue here? I don't know who really has the best interest of Terri. None of the media, government, jurges has. What about the husband and parents? How can anyone know what is the right thing for Terri and what she really wants and would wish to do. No we don't. Maybe that's the hard part. I am not a conversative like many of the Chinese or the religious. I prefer shorter pain than long suffering, even if it means death. Oh yeah everyone has the right to live and choose to live. OK I'll quit talking euthaniz now. Not my area.

But ehmm, what is the vegetable and brain death? Some Chinese suggested that if Terri had received some Chinese medicine treatment, she would have faced another situaiton. That's an asumption. There are many cases in China who were vegetable later on gained life back through Chinese medicine treatment. The most recent well-known case is Liu Hairuo, a TV host from Phonix TV. That's a miracle indeed. My guess is that Chinese medicine treatment did give the positive effect on her recovery. Most of all it's the mixture of medical treament and conceptions. I doubt Chinese medicine alone will bring a dead alive. This is just a big "IF". Again not my area.

We think how developed and advanced is our modern medicine. There are always limitations on medicine experiment and development. Political and law control is a big factor? There is no way that medicine has been developed as the best it could be.


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