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Friday, April 08, 2005

Job applications and CV in Finnish, first EVER

I am pround that finally I have the courage to do my application and CV in Finnish. Both of them are short and brief. Thanx to my dear friend Katri talking the trouble to look into my text and making the corrections. I made my Finnish version CV by following the samples found from Internet. Funny funny!

YEAH! Way to go. I was always told that CV should be kept as short as possible, for people like me less than 15 years of work experience should have only 1 page. Photo and own homepage will help the CV to stand out from rest of the 200 applicants. I have so much to work on, like finding a good but free webhost, updating the pages which were last touched a year ago or so, brushing up my Finnish cover letter, and using our poor DC to take care of the digi photo which is needed for CV. ^^

The two I applied, one is a clearning job and the other a waitress work. I don't really what to think every time I send out an application. It's quite rough to tell myself that I am soon becoming 26 year old without a stable work experience. Although I have never really been unemployed 'caz I have been studying and studying, from one school to another school, a major then another major. I know it's at least better for the employer to see your were studying than you were unemployed. So to get whatever job comes first before you find a more suitable one.

So much to do, but the rainy weather seems to always affect on my motivation and mood, especially on Friday when we are very busy but at the same time we are all thinking about the weekend.


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