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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Cheats? Cheats!

Honesty is one of the best things. So was I educated in my early school years. I respect honesty and try the best to embrace it in every aspects of my life as much as I can. I want to have the same standards for me and anyone else, but it's impossible to evaluate dishonesty with the same standard in all cases. However there are certain dishonesty I definately hate.

Ok people play games right? There are all kinds of games, and First Person Shooting is one of them. The fun to play FPS online cannot be compared to play against the machine/program. There are certain people are natual FPS players, let's say shooters. They have unusual response time and head shot is the what they only aim at. They are pro players who may have number of sponsors. Then there are people who what to be the first-rate players, but they can't or can't yet. There are ways to make them better than they actually are.
Cheats. There are all kinds of cheats for all games. Hax came in latest versions corresponding the anti-cheats solutaion made by the game developers. Hax of course is always ahead, like the virus just came in too many forms and ways that some of them are just too hard to identify in time and fight against.

I am amazed how young are nowadays online gamers! Some 11-year-old kids seem to know the latest the game news and have couple years of game experience already. They truly love gaming. Gaming is a competitive. If there are means to make me shoot like a pro and I may not be revealed, why shouldn't I try it out? It would be fun! No defence, but they are truly kids man! I couldn't take their cheats more serious than thinking it as a normal action in a regular process. Since the real serious games are old or wise enough to understand what gaming's all about and follow the honesty rule, I will just think cheats are normal. Kids may not know everything, but they know Cybernet is whole different world than going to school, playing at the playground and having meals with parents. Here is the thing with kids' mind(supposingly). There you can shoot like with real weapons against real enemies, but yet not real. There you can being naughty and people will just shout out 'Liers! Cheaters!' Then they will forget about you, and you are left with more than one option: change your nicknames or shift to another game. Nobody would mind and you'll probably fed up with this game anyway sooner or later.

So no harm really. In real life it's possible that the cheater kids are the most obedient ones in both schools and homes. No worries. I do hate cheats, but I can't hate all the people who cheats, especially they have no ideas what they are doing.


  • Thanks for visiting my blog.
    How do you find it?

    Yup, i was cheated twice last week (if u read my blog), with blank promises made before i came over here to Beijing.

    Finland, so far from China!!! Why here? I am curious.

    By Blogger leecs, at 10:33 AM GMT+3  

  • problem with "cheats" is that when you transfer cheating skills to real life one of two things happens: those who are cheated are robbed of legimate victory, and those who are cheating inevitably end up running out of cheats to deal with each new problem.

    can you imagine being in the military and knowing that your fellow soldier can't handle the real thing because he/she cheated throughout their lives--so much for covering your ass!

    listing the traits i value in my friends. . . hmmmmm, cannot find "cheating" amongst them, ha ha!

    thanks for your blog, it's always interesting reading others opinions!-)

    By Blogger rusty nale, at 7:26 PM GMT+3  

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