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Sunday, April 17, 2005

A chat

Surprisingly I met an old friend Liu Peng on msn. It was late by China time, around 2.30am.
"It is so late!Didn't your wife drag you to bed?"
"She's sleeping!"
(^^I figured he must be troubled?)
He continued, "I am becoming dad soon!"
"Oh really? Congratulations man!"
"Thanks thanks! We are expecting our baby on August!"
Don't know really what to say, but "Wow, congratulations, to your both, I mean a perfect family now ha?"
"Yah, thanks!" (I can feel the anxiety between the lines)
He added, "I am drunk...hehe... today is my birthday!"
(Well well man, that's the reason you've been up so late, I thought.)
"Haven't heard you for so long, then all I hear are the best I can hear? Everything back in China must be great for you guys?"
"Not really", he replied, "All right I guess."

Then our conversation continued for some time. He seemed to be a bit slow (drank too much I guess :D). From him I got to know that Tony, our MBA graduate from Helsinki School of Economics now is working at Sales for IKEA.
"He's in Helsinki actually now!" He commented.
"Oh why?"
"He was sent for a training in Sweden. Staying in Helsinki for two days before returning to China."
Then I figured he is still dating the same girl in Helsinki. Luckily the girl'll graduate soon, otherwise this long-distance relationship is gonna be hard to manage.

Then some flashbacks in front of eyes. Remember we are clapping hands and saying 'Next gathering will be in China, definately! You know first 10 days in Beijing, then rest of the month can be spent in Qingdao, then Tina's home...oh then would be more like a group tour... but who's paying the bill? Accomodation won't be a bit deal ....Oh we are too drunk..." And all laughed.

Tony's decicion of leaving Finland and returning to China was made just right on time and appropriate.

I remembered something and said "I gotta watch a movie on TV in few minutes now! Catch you later! Wish you the best, Liu Peng!"
"Wait, wait I wished to sent a photo to you."
"Now? Ok, quick, quck..."
":) Ok in 2 minutes"
After 20 minutes, no files sending. I figured he couldn't find the file or forgot what he promised and went straight to bed. Or maybe he went on drinking because he is cold feet for having the first baby? Hmmm, I must be evil :O

I went to watch my movie and turned my machine to standby mode.


  • 人生有四大轉變期

    By Blogger JimmyLai, at 8:32 AM GMT+3  

  • Yes, maybe retirement is a big change too? Go figure :P

    By Blogger sideeyes, at 1:37 PM GMT+3  

  • 謝謝你常來我的blog晃晃!我可以把你的blog link放在我的blog上面嗎?


    By Blogger JimmyLai, at 3:47 PM GMT+3  

  • 你添加好了,虽然我的blog没什么晃头。
    乱码的问题知道了,上次几个写了之后看着不知所云就都删掉了。留言的时候在浏览器选择unicode 也没用的哦看来。

    By Blogger sideeyes, at 4:45 PM GMT+3  

  • Forgot to ask may I add your blog link?

    By Blogger sideeyes, at 4:53 PM GMT+3  

  • 我已經加好了!謝謝囉!
    不嫌棄的話,當然歡迎你把我的blog link加入。

    By Blogger JimmyLai, at 5:52 PM GMT+3  

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