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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

After effect

I experienced something which was sad and furious yesterday afternoon, at least after (5 hours) effect was me feeling disappointed and furious. Glad that I had the dearest people to talk it over.

Since it happened yesterday and I rather keep the blog just-in-time, I'd skip describing the whole thing in written form.

Living away from home land is tough, but it never struke me that much as yesterday how mentally and strategically hard to get accepted by the Finnish employers in general.

Sometimes no words says more than 100 words. Directness is much better that leaving you wondering. So in that way I am glad that I got an firm answer.

I don't get easily hurt or offended. Once I did, it could be massive :P but it never last long. Thus this morning when I woke up standing on the balcony feeling the sunshine and cold dusty(with all the gravel and sand left from winter) air, I kinda forgot how I felt 12 hours earlier. I thought I'd be depressed and shaky for days. I guess this after effect was overestimated. Thus I move on.


  • hmph i wanna move to finland, i wonder how you ended up there ;) i'm polish but i live in spain, wanna switch? :p

    By Blogger whaler, at 6:04 PM GMT+3  

  • Well, Chinese people are pretty much everywhere nowadays, even in those mini countries you rarely heard of.
    hmm, maybe I can consider the switch from Oct. to April so that I can't skip the cool winter

    By Blogger sideeyes, at 7:31 PM GMT+3  

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